Destiny 2’s 12-man Grandmaster Excision has already been cleared solo

Liam Ho
Destiny 2's The Witness

Destiny 2’s newest 12-man Grandmaster activity Excision has already been cleared by a solo Guardian, less than a day after the challenging encounter was released.

Destiny 2 just released the newest form of endgame activity in Grandmaster Excision. Originally framed as a 12-man story mission, the activity sees a massive team of Guardians group up with the rest of the allies of humanity to take down the Witness once and for all, using the power of Light to beat back the Darkness.

The Grandmaster version of Excision takes things up a notch further, giving the activity more champions, and a harder difficulty, all while reducing the power of Guardians within the encounter.

However, that hasn’t stopped one player from absolutely demolishing the Grandmaster challenge, completing it solo in less than a day after it was released.

Destiny 2 Youtuber Esoterickk is well known for their impressive challenge runs, whether that be soloing the co-op Dual Destiny mission or even showcasing how to solo GM strikes. As such, they’ve developed quite a reputation for being one of the most talented Guardians around, a label that they maintain with their newest triumph.

In an over 80-minute-long video soloing the mission, Esoterickk went over their Void Hunter build and what weapons they were pairing with their exotics of Witherhoard, Wish Ender, and Graviton Forfeit. Much of the video sees Esoterickk play using invisibility, taking down the high-health targets from afar so they wouldn’t wipe.

Due to the sheer amount of health many of the enemies had and the lack of options for DPS, it’s understandable why the run took over an hour. The content creator did mention they may have been able to speed it up but felt unfamiliar with most of the enemy spawns and decided to play it safe.

Grandmaster Excision is now available to play, netting you the exotic catalyst for Ergo Sum and a bounty trove of fantastic loot. Good luck to any Guardians out there trying to match Esotrickk’s solo run.

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