Destiny 2 Into the Light Luna’s Howl god roll for PvE & PvP

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Luna's Howl from the Into the Light livestream

Are you eager to farm the Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon once Destiny 2 Into the Light launches? Here are the god rolls you should look for across PvE and PvP.

Luna’s Howl is a legendary Hand Cannon originally released alongside Forsaken’s Season of the Outlaw. It used to be a 180 RPM Hand Cannon and its special perk, Magnificent Howl, was a terror in PvP. This Hand Cannon was nerfed and sunset similar to The Recluse, The Mountaintop, Not Forgotten, and others right before Beyond Light DLC launched.

However, with Into the Light, Luna’s Howl is returning as a 140 RPM Hand Cannon with random rolls. The Magnificent Howl perk has been reworked for more consistency and skill expression. While Luna’s Howl used to be a PvP weapon, the updated perks will make it an exceptional choice for PvE.

Destiny 2 Luna’s Howl God Roll for PvE

The last time Luna’s Howl was relevant it was very much a PvP weapon, but its new perk pool has given it the potential to dominate in PvE too.

With Solar Hand Cannons like the Epochal Integration and Zaouli’s Bane already dominating the PvE meta, it’s only natural that Luna’s Howl would also be a serious meta contender. To get the most out of it, you’ll want to use these perks:

  • Column Three: Heal Clip
  • Column Four: Incandescent

Heal Clip is an amazing perk as it grants Cure x2 for the user and Cure x1 for allies. This means your party remains healthy, especially in content like Master Raids and Grand Master Nightfalls.

Incandescent is another brilliant perk as it applies 30 Scorch Stacks on enemies and increases to 40 if you use Ember of Ashes. This perk synergizes well with the Solar Subclass where the more Scorch stacks you apply, the further damage increase you receive.

Eventually, the targets will Ignite and explode once enough Scorch has been applied. Therefore, this perk combination will ensure that you heal your party and clean out a room full of enemies with ease. Finally, Ignite is effective against Unstoppable champions, which makes Luna’s Howl a great option in end-game content.

A screenshot from Destiny 2 Into the Light livestream
Luna’s Howl is returning in a brand new state with Into the Light

Destiny 2 Luna’s Howl God Roll for PvP

Even before its reissue, Luna’s Howl was a surprisingly viable option in PvP. It might not have matched up to the absolute best Hand Cannons in the game but you could still get plenty of value from it.

Now reissued, it is a beast and well worth using in The Crucible. Here are the perks you’ll want to use to leave other Guardians feeling helpless in PvP:

  • Column Three: Eye of the Storm
  • Column Four: Magnificent Howl

The Magnificent Howl perk has been reworked. Following the rework, the more Precision shots you land before reloading, the more rounds you will be getting with increased range and damage. If you land Precision final blows with Magnificent Howl active, the perk’s effect is further enhanced.

Additionally, Eye of the Storm ensures you get buffs like Handling and Accuracy when your shield drops. Thus, Magnificent Howl requiring stability to land headshots, and Eye of the Storm providing that makes this the perfect combination.

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