Destiny 2 cheat developer misses court date, forced to pay Bungie $6.7 million

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 Lightfall Strike

A Destiny 2 cheat maker has refused to appear in court after Bungie filed a lawsuit, now the maker will need to pay the developers $6.7 million.

Bungie has been on the warpath against cheat developers in the Destiny 2 space recently. With several lawsuits being put out against cheat creators, as well as an update to their policy revolving around third-party tools, the developers have taken a strong stance to maintain the integrity of the game.

So far, their campaign has worked incredibly well, with Bungie recently taking a $12 million payout from VeteranCheats creator Claudiu-Florentin. Notable cases of Bungie’s legal spree have been against cheat sellers Elite Boss Tech in 2021, and more recently LaviCheats.

Bungie’s lawsuit against LaviCheats saw the developers sue the creator for $2000 for each download of their created cheat. They state within the lawsuit that they’re seeking a “significant damage award” due to Bansal’s negative interactions with the game developers prior to the case.

Now, LaviCheats creator Kunal Bansal failed to respond to the lawsuit filed by the Destiny developers in time, resulting in a $6.7 million default judgment as a result.

Season of the Deep Key Art
The court ruling comes in the wake of the next season, Season of the Deep.

LaviCheats creator to pay Bungie $6.7 million after failing to appear in court

Bansal will need to repay Bungie for the damages caused by breaching several acts, as well as their DMCA. The $6,700,973.34 dollars can be broken down as follows:

  • $5,580,000 in damages under the DMCA
  • $300,000 in damages as permitted by the Copyright Act
  • $579,270 in damages as permitted by the Lanham Act
  • $183,850.71 in Attorney Fees
  • $57,852.63 in Expert Fees

Alongside the payments, the court has placed a permanent injunction on Bansal’s actions specifically within Destiny 2, preventing the cheat creator from continuing to sell their cheats for anything involving Destiny 2. You can read the entirety of the court’s ruling thanks to the Game Post here.

This may be the final case Bungie has against cheat creators, but it’s likely that the Destiny devs will continue to protect the game and its player base in the future if any other cheats or malicious activity pops up.