Bungie slams another Destiny 2 cheat developer with $6.7 million lawsuit

Destiny 2 lightfall imageBungie

Bungie is looking to crack down further on cheat distributors and developers before the release of Lightfall, with the Destiny 2 developer looking to sue a new cheat distributor for $6.7 million.

It’s a good time to be a Destiny 2 player, with Lightfall on the horizon, Bungie has been making huge changes to the game. Among these updates, we’ve seen a whole bunch of quality-of-life changes to various systems, as well as a rework to the modification system that will come later down the line when Lightfall fully releases on February 28, 2023.

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It appears Bungie is not only trying to modify the plentiful of systems that have come with the looter shooter, but is also attempting to crack down on the players themselves. With the Halo creators suing several cheat developers in recency in order to protect the player base against fraudulent programs entering the game.

In the latest line of lawsuit cases, Bungie has been looking to sue cheat seller LaviCheats, stating that they would like at least $2000 for each download of the cheat. The cheat was downloaded 2,790 times and combined with other damages has resulted in a lawsuit of $6.7 million dollars.

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Bungie has stated within the lawsuit itself that they’re seeking a “significant damage award” as without it, Bansal aka LeviCheats would be “unlikely to cease his unlawful actions”. They then provided an example of this unlawful behavior, as Bansal responded to the post on their forum about the complaints saying, “Bungie lawyers you suck my nuts!”

This is not the first time Bungie has filed lawsuits against cheat developers, with Bungie suing cheat providers Elite Boss Tech with a $13.5 million case back in 2021.

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LeviCheats has yet to respond, and it’s likely that this lawsuit will take a good amount of time to resolve. However, it’s great to see that Bungie is looking to keep Destiny 2 clear of cheaters whilst we head toward Lightfall.