Destiny 2 cheat provider will pay Bungie $13.5 million after reaching settlement

destiny 2Bungie

Destiny 2 cheat providers, Elite Boss Tech, have reportedly reached a multimillion dollar settlement with Bungie to resolve the studio’s late 2021 lawsuit against the software makers.

According to TorrentFreak, Elite Boss Tech and 11020781 Canada Inc, along with owner Robert James Duthie Nelson and many unnamed associates, were named in Bungie’s copyright infringement lawsuit alleging thousands of violations through software made for cheating.

This week, Elite Boss Tech admitted to over six thousand violations of the DMCA anti-circumvention provisions, each carrying its own penalty.

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In total, the stipulated consent judgment includes statutory damages of $13.5 million that accounts for the 6,765 times Elite Boss Tech’s cheats were reportedly downloaded.

destiny 2 Bungie
Bungie will receive $13.5 million from the Destiny 2 cheat distributors.

The defendants in the claim took responsibility for its cheats, admitting it had violated Bungie’s Destiny 2 copyrighted code and that it prevented the studio from controlling access to its own software.

Though Blizzard’s original complaint also included counts of fraud, racketeering, and more, the studio will drop those claims as part of the settlement.

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Bungie is also seeking a permanent injunction that would prevent those named in the suit from making or offering any more software that violate any of the studio’s properties.

This comes on the heels of other major industry publishers like Activision and Riot Games taking action against cheat providers.

destiny 2 Bungie
Bungie has effectively quelled a big Destiny 2 cheat maker with its recent settlement.

Among complaints of intellectual property infringement, companies are alleging these cheats are costing the game makers “millions of dollars” in damages.

In Bungie’s suit against Elite Boss Tech et. al., they said that cheating had cost them “exorbitant amounts of money” to create anti-cheats to combat the issue.

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As companies move against cheat makers, stakeholders are hoping the effects will eventually help players who face hackers across multiple titles.

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