Bungie set to crack down on Destiny 2’s third-party peripheral cheating crisis

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Bungie has announced plans to crack down on the usage of third-party peripheral tools in Destiny 2, highlighting players that are abusing them in order to gain a competitive advantage over others.

Destiny 2’s developer Bungie has been cracking down on cheating within their sci-fi looter shooter for quite some time now. With several commitments to preventing and banning cheaters, the devs have made consistent strides toward removing illicit programs from the popular game.

Bungie’s efforts are now being expanded too, with a recent TWAB post announcing their stance on the usage of third-party peripheral tools. Third-party peripherals include items such as programmable controllers, keyboard and mouse adapters, and advanced macros.

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Bungie has stated that they’re focusing on the impacts these tools have had in a PvP environment, and have adopted a policy on the usage of third-party peripherals. Whilst the Destiny 2 developers embrace the usage of external accessibility aids that enable an experience intended by game designers, Bungie will take action, including bans on anyone who abuse these tools to gain an advantage over players.

Bungie looking to enforce new policy regarding third-party peripheral tools

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Third-party peripherals could have devastating impacts on the competitive integrity of PvP.

The latest blog post further explains what Bungie defines as inappropriate use of the peripherals, particularly when it comes to PvP. “For example, some players that abuse these tools rise in PvP ranks at a rate far beyond what is expected for a player improving through typical play.”

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Devs then spoke about how cheating in PvP can spill over and affect PvE, announcing that they will be evaluating all gameplay for violations.

Bungie did note that those who use the peripherals as an accessibility aid in order to play Destiny 2 would not be affected by these new measures.

“Simply using an accessibility aide to play Destiny 2, where a player could not play otherwise, would not be a violation of this policy.”

However, if players then use the tools to reduce the challenge faced in Destiny, such as reducing recoil or increasing aim assist, would then be in violation of this policy.

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Bungie spoke on how this system comes about through a matter of extended conversations, and they’re looking to strike the right balance of enabling players to enjoy the game, whilst also protecting their community.

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