Bungie’s lawsuit against Destiny 2 cheat seller results in $12 million payout

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Bungie’s 2021 lawsuit against Destiny 2 cheat seller VeteranCheats has resulted in an over $12 million payout for the company in damages.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has been cracking down hard on cheaters within their game. With several lawsuits filed and new rules being implemented against third-party tools in Destiny, Bungie is ensuring that players can have a safe time whilst enjoying the game. Many of these lawsuits have been filed against creators of various cheats often resulting in long-standing legal disputes.

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Bungie filed one such lawsuit against Destiny 2 cheat seller VeteranCheats back in 2021, with the individual Mihai Claudiu-Florentin being the believed founder of the cheats vendor. Claudiu-Florentin was believed to be creating various cheats for the online looter shooter, including tools similar to aimbot and wallhacks, which detrimentally affected the fairness of the game.

Recently in February 2023, the Destiny developers requested roughly $12 million in reparations for the damages caused by Claudiu-Florentin. Now the court has granted this request, requiring the cheat seller to pay the sum.

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Cheats in Destiny 2 can break the competitive integrity of the game.

Bungie requested that Claudiu-Florentin pays on three different fronts, with $11,696,000 for breaching their DMCA. A further $146,662.28 was also requested for the violations of the Copyright Act. Finally, another $217,250.70 is needed to pay for their attorneys’ fees. You can read further on the court’s judgment here.

Alongside this, the court ordered a permanent restriction on Claudio-Florentin’s ability to engage in any form of content that would breach Bungie’s copyright, hopefully putting a permanent end to their cheat-developing antics.

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It appears that nothing will stop Bungie’s warpath against cheaters, as they continually look to keep Destiny 2 free from those pesky hackers.

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