Destiny 2 bug in King’s Fall raid is giving players terrifying jump scares

Andrew Highton
golgoroth roaring in destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder brought back the legendary King’s Fall Raid, but one thing that was not in the original version was a ridiculously loud noise glitch that is impacting players’ ears.

With the penultimate expansion on the way in Destiny 2: Lightfall, each and every new season is a blessing to players who are eager for more chunks of content.

Season of Plunder has taken the reins after Season of the Haunted’s time in the sun came to an end and one of the biggest features of the big update is the addition of a new, or rather old, raid in the form of King’s Fall from the original Destiny.

The event first debuted back in 2015 in ‘The Taken King’ expansion, and even those it’s retained its OG moniker, just like Vault of Glass, King’s Fall has been tweaked a bit to fit the game’s current state.

Destiny 2 Golgoroth boss has one loud flaw

Subtle changes and updates aside, the return of King’s Fall is pretty much what players will remember about the raid from back in the day.

It features multiple bosses, various combat encounters, and challenges, with Golgoroth being one of them.

Now, you may find yourself falling to the power and might of the boss, but if you’re wearing headphones or have your TV up a bit louder than normal, then you might want to reconsider that for the sake of your eardrums or neighbors.

Some players are finding that if they die during the fight, an obscenely obnoxious and headache-inducing scream/roar will occur – presumably at the hands of Golgoroth.

The Reddit user who shared the video aptly gave potential viewers a well-deserved “Volume Warning” and replies in the comments also agreed.

“Man woke up and said f**k yo raid, f**k yo life, and f**k yo ears,” said one player, whereas another one offered: “I threw my headphones so hard.”

Needless to say, this glitch is keeping players on their toes when facing Golgoroth in King’s Fall. But some music to players’ potentially disorientated ears is that the devs are aware of the bug.

So Destiny 2 players will be able to enjoy the raid, in particular, the Golgoroth fight in peace once the fix has been implemented.