Destiny 2 players beg Bungie to fix months-old Celestial Fire bug

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Destiny 2’s Warlock class has been plagued with a Celestial Fire bug for almost a year and fans are begging Bungie to fix it.

Since Bungie deployed Season of the Haunted in late May of 2022, Warlock players have been battling with a bugged Celestial Fire melee.

Veteran Guardians believe the issue reared its head due to the addition of Scorch, a damage-over-time debuff that can be applied to Solar abilities.

This essentially broke the melee, so if damage from, say, Celestial Fire’s Scorch kills an enemy, the game won’t count it as a Solar Melee kill.

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In turn, melee-specific armor and weapon mods/perks won’t be activated. The likes of the Heavy-Handed Armor Mod and Winter’s Guile Exotic Perk are still affected by the bug in question.

Destiny 2 players still waiting for that Celestial Fire bug fix

Every few months, players flock to Bungie forums and Reddit to remind the community of the bug’s persistence. The hope is that developers will acknowledge the glitch and get to work on creating a solution, which has yet to happen.

But with the Celestial Fire bug approaching its one-year anniversary, Redditor Multirman thought it prudent to try again. The Reddit user started a thread calling attention to the ongoing problem. “In a few weeks, we will be approaching the One Year Anniversary of this bug.”

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It’s a thorough post, too, running down how exactly the glitch affects various Destiny 2 perks and mods, including Exotics.

Other Redditors made in the thread made it clear that they’re similarly frustrated. One person said of the bug affecting Celestial Fire in Destiny 2: “The worst part I think is they’ve just made a post talking about subclass changes and made literally no mention of this at all.”

Someone else said they’ll continue to upvote posts of this nature because the glitch “makes so many solar builds unusable/unpredictable.”

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Another user added to the chorus, “They literally talked about ‘fixing’ incinerator snap and completely glossed over the fact that Celestial is broken, lmao. Come on Bungie.”

Because the studio has yet to formally address the issue, there’s no telling if or when the bug will be fixed. It seems fans won’t give up hope anytime soon, though.

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