Dead by Daylight dev says players will be “surprised” by future collaborations

Key art for Dead by DaylightBehaviour Interactive

Mathieu Côté, Head of Partnerships at Behaviour Interactive, sat down with Dexerto to talk about what’s coming to Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight is fast becoming the kind of franchise it’s hard not to root for, with developers Behaviour Interactive finding fresh horror licenses to funnel onto its killing floor over the last few years.

We’ve seen the likes of Michael Myers from Halloween, Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street, and Nemesis from Resident Evil as the team continues to find fresh ways to bring the biggest names in horror together. A key part of that process is Matthieu Côté, Head of Partnerships at Behaviour Interactive, and we were able to speak to the man behind the mashups.

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Dead by Daylight dev reveals more game crossovers are coming

Wesker, known as The Mastermind Killer in DBDBehaviour Interactive
The Mastermind, also known as Albert Wesker, is one of DbD’s most recent Killers from Resident Evil to arrive in the Fog.

So, what goes into a partnership? How do the likes of Hellraiser and Silent Hill come to join the ranks?

“It’s certainly a complex situation, as we have an array of partners. Thankfully, we have great relationships built on trust with all of our partners,” Côté tells Dexerto.

“Nowadays, conversations are different based on Dead by Daylight’s reputation – it’s hard to find a group of people involved in horror where no one has heard about DbD or played it.”

That growing reputation makes it easier to add to the game’s collection of gruesome Killers and stubborn Survivors, too. We asked if Dead by Daylight could look outside of horror for its next character inspiration.

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“Yes, of course! Though, the shortlist is getting shorter,” Côté reveals. “The range of options is wider than it’s ever been. We’ve done comedy with Ash Williams, we’ve done anime with Attack on Titan.”

“You’d be surprised to hear some of the conversations we’re having, right now,” Côté teases.

After uniting Resident Evil and Silent Hill, we asked Mathieu if there was a possibility of more horror game crossovers.

“You can certainly expect further game collaborations with Dead by Daylight. There are a lot of really cool characters out there that would feel right at home in DbD!”

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It’d be fair that few things surprised the Dead by Daylight fanbase more than the arrival of Hooked On You, an island-themed dating simulator that gave a new perspective to some Killers from the game’s roster. We pressed Mathieu on any further DbD spinoffs that fans could expect, but he just told us to stay tuned.

Interestingly, it’s one of Behaviour’s original creations that Mathieu enjoys playing most in Dead by Daylight — The Hag.

DBD the HagBehaviour Interactive
The Hag is Mathieu’s favorite DbD killer.

“The Hag will always remain my favorite Killer because of the jump scares that she causes. As for Survivors, it’s much tougher to choose one, as there are so many cool Survivors out there. If I had to pick one – it would have to be Jane Romero,” Côté reveals.

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As for what is confirmed for Dead by Daylight, be sure to check out our hub for DbD’s upcoming Chapter 26: Forged In Fog.