Cyberpunk 2077 player wins race thanks to hilarious bug

James Busby

Cyberpunk 2077 is no stranger to numerous glitches and despite receiving a hefty day one patch, players continue to experience all kinds of weird and wacky scenarios. However, one player ended up having the race of his life thanks to one hilarious bug. 

The vast, open world of Cyberpunk’s Night City is absolutely brimming with all kinds of colorful characters, futuristic weaponry, and exciting side quests that you can discover. While CD Projekt Red’s latest endeavor isn’t without its flaws, there have been a number of bugs that have proved to be incredibly comedic in their nature.

From shroud losing his character’s head to horrifying visual oddities, there always seems to be a new discovery to be made. Certain Cyberpunk 2077 bugs have been known to impact gameplay in a negative way, often forcing players to reload their save or abandon a quest entirely. However, one determined player refused to let the game get the better of him. 

A driverless win

Johnny Silverhands Porsche 911 Cyberpunk 2077
It turns out you don’t always need a car to win a race.

When bugs arise at pivotal points in a quest, it can often prove frustrating, particularly if you have to start from the very beginning. This wasn’t the case for Reddit user, BattleScones. In fact, failure was never an option. No, this Cyberpunk player is about to have the race of his life. 

Upon selecting the Beast in Me: Santo Domingo quest, BattleScones can be seen heading over to his car. Everything looks normal as all the racers are all lined up ready to begin. However,  BattleScones quickly realizes that this race is going to be far from easy. 

“Why can’t I get in my car, what the f***k?! Why can’t I get in the car?” he shouts as he frantically tries to open the car’s door. However, the button prompt to open the door doesn’t appear and the race announcer begins to do the countdown. 

Instead of reloading his save, BattleScones quickly jumps onto the roof of one of the cars in front of him. “I’m still going to win this race,” he triumphantly cries. The car begins to accelerate and the carless player starts his journey to second place. 

As Battescones frantically looks around, he witnesses everything from a flying bike to numerous car collisions. Even a Delamain cab makes its way into the race and smashes into the player’s car. “What?! Is that a Delamain Car? What the hell, that’s a Delamain car. Just a random bot – GLaDOS is coming.”

Upon finally reaching the finish line and taking first place, BattleScones began to fight back the laughter. The player seemingly couldn’t believe what had just happened, “I won, I won!” he cried, which was quickly followed up by “Why is everything in this game busted, nothing ever works…This game is cooked, it’s so bad. I love it.”

Well, it’s certainly one of the most comedic ways we’ve seen a player win a race in Cyberpunk 2077. 

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