Shroud loses his head in Cyberpunk 2077, literally

Ava Thompson-Powell

With Night City free to explore, players all over the world are heading into Cyberpunk 2077 to live their best life. As with any game, though, people are experiencing bugs. While mostly visual oddities, Shroud experienced a bug that left him, well, headless.

Like many streamers all around the world, such as Cohh Carnage, xQC, and Dr Disrespect, Shroud has been playing his way through the hotly-awaited game. Taking his viewers on a wild ride through Nigh City and what hides around every corner, he’s also come face to face with some absolutely hilarious bugs.

Headless Shroud

Shroud has been streaming the game since it was made available to industry names and streamers, which was December 9 – a day before its worldwide launch.

In one recent hilarious bug that was clipped over on Twitch, we see his player character step out of his vehicle, headless. Literally headless.

Finding this absolutely hilarious, he starts jumping around outside of his vehicle screaming, “Oh, no, dude!” through a fit of laughter. His community of viewers found it equally hysterical.

With the camera locked into a third-person view due to being in a vehicle, fans were treated to a unique perspective to this bug; something that would go amiss with the regular first-person perspective.

People are experiencing bugs galore throughout their personal Night City – with Reddit users discussing the impact of these issues on the perception of Cyberpunk and what it means for the state of the game as we move away from release day.

User thrill_ho13 stated that “I feel there is a good game here, but all these bugs are taking away my ability to be immersed in the game.”

As we move through the month of December, it’ll be interesting to see how fans continue to react to the game.

CD Projekt Red will also need to restore some trust in their player base. One way this can be fixed is with a patch outside of the Day 1 drop. This would aid in starting to smooth out some of these initial growing pains people have faced.

One thing is for sure, though. While there might be some annoying glitches to deal with, some of them – you just have to admit – are hilarious.

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