“Invisible” CSGO Shattered Web player skins issue discovered in more maps

Scott Robertson

The problems with new custom player skins from the Shattered Web CSGO operation continue to pile up, as players are falling victim to all kinds of camouflaged kills they claim have “broken” the game.

While Counter-Strike fans are thrilled to have new content aplenty in the newest operation – the first in over two years -the latest additions haven’t had the smoothest integrations into the beloved tactical shooter.

Despite the outpouring of adoration for the new weapon skins and missions, the introductions of custom player skins, known as Agents, have been causing headaches for numerous competitive and pro players.

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A plethora of professionals in the CSGO scene have criticized the unfair advantage that some of the new Agent skins are responsible for – most notably, some of the CT skins that allow the defending side to hold certain positions that make them appear nearly invisible.

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Most of the complaints stemmed from certain CT skins being utilized on the newly re-done map of Cache, which prompted the map creator himself, FMPONE, to call out Valve for the “game-breaking” new feature.

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Many of the new CT agents are dressed mostly in green, which gives them a massive advantage on Cache after its massive green visual overhaul. But now, players are experiencing the frustrations of camouflage on other maps, too, as some are using one of the more cliche hiding spots in existence: the bushes.

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CSGO player and Twitch streamer “Laski” was in the middle of a competitive match on Overpass,when he got caught completely off guard by a lurking CT player hiding in the bushes next to Bathroom. Laski lamented that “they [Valve] need to fix this game,” and promised after the round that he would tag CSGO on Twitter with the clip. 

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Laski’s clip wasn’t the only one that made its way around Counter-Strike Twitter: Popular CSGO streamer “DonHaci” posted a clip of almost the exact same situation happening, perfectly syncing the theme song of wrestler John Cena when he gets caught by a player hiding in the bushes.

A closer look at the spot in question reveals that it is not an actual bush, but an overgrowth of ivy – but the result is the same, regardless.

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Not only is the player nearly impossible to spot, but the second clip shows the hider’s perspective as well, proving that the hiding player can view all three entry points (fountain steps, birthday party, and connector) while camouflaged.

Numerous pros and players alike have suggested ideas to counter the issue. Some want an option for the skins to be turned off, while others would prefer maps to have only a certain set of skins available. Maps with plenty of greenery wouldn’t have the green CT skins available.

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Unlike new Cache, Overpass is in the active-duty competitive map pool, and frequently played on at pro tournaments.

Organizations like FACEIT have already decided that players will use default models for the upcoming ECS Season 8 finals. It will be interesting to see what kind of long term solution Valve implements in the near future.

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