Senor VAC: How Flusha Used Cheating Accusations to Fuel Championships

Shane King
Flusha Inhuman Game Sense

Robin ‘Flusha’ Ronnquist is known to have one of the highest levels of game sense in CS:GO. The longtime Fnatic star has made his name of knowing exactly where to be at what time.

The ability to know where his opponents will likely be at any time and being able to counter that has helped him immeasurably in clutch situations, but this has also led to him receiving multiple accusations of cheating.

After receiving lots of accusations from both peers and streamers he released a statement saying: “I have never been banned or gotten disqualified for cheating from a tournament, league, or ladder in all my life, yet I have been reviewed by a lot of different admins.”

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He goes onto to say that, since having these accusations put against him, 9 out of 10 private messages on social media have been death threats and that this was making him fall out of love with the game.

While many would have been crushed under the pressure of the hate and the growing pile of suspicious clips, Flusha used the hate as fuel for one of the most successful careers in Counter-Strike and he is still winning events to this day.