S1mple pulls off the most effortless 1 v 5 in CS:GO ever

Matt Porter

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev pulled off a match saving 1v5, and made it look incredibly easy.

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The Natus Vincere star was playing an FPL PUG match on Cache, when he quickly found himself left as the last man standing for his squad, with all five members of the enemy team still alive, and on match point.

With the bomb in hand, and a Desert Eagle instead of his trusted AWP, s1mple had a lot of work to do to keep them in the game and secure the round victory for his team.

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Kostyliev immediately cleaned up an enemy with one single shot to the head, before picking up an AK-47 that was lying on the ground close to him. Switching to the rifle, s1mple quickly one-tapped two enemies in the space of mere seconds, leaving himself in a 1v2 with just over a minute left on the clock.

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Frantically searching for his final opponents, s1mple spotted a player on the highway and took him out, as his team told him to watch his flank as they prepared for the final gunfight.

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The ESL Cologne 2018 winner showed incredible patience as he aimed at the door, watching for any enemy movement as the time ticked down. With 50 seconds left and the bomb still not planted, s1mple’s opponent peaked around a corner at A, and was immediately sprayed down to secure the 1v5.

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S1mple’s teammates were heard laughing and cheering in the background after the Natus Vincere star clutched the round, but the Ukrainian remained remarkably calm considering what he had just accomplished.

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Kostyliev has seen plenty of success recently, as his Natus Vincere squad recently won the $125,000 BLAST Pro Series tournament in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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