S1mple celebrates huge Twitch donation with insane 4k in CSGO

Kamil Malinowski

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev celebrated a massive Twitch donation with four incredible Desert Eagle kills.

Many would consider s1mple to be the greatest CSGO player of all time, so it’s no surprise that when he chooses to stream his gameplay thousands of fans tune in.

One viewer decided to send the Ukrainian a huge $500 donation, which briefly shocked him, before kicking him into gear. S1mple pulled out all the stops and rewarded the donator with an incredible play, where took town four opponents with his impeccable aim with the Deagle.

Many consider s1mple to be the best CSGO player of all time.

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This took place during a fairly standard broadcast on March 4, where the pro was battling against other pros and upcoming players in the FaceIT Pro League – an advanced matchmaking platform for the best players in the world.

“500 Dollars? Crazy, crazy… thank you. I need to do a highlight after $500.” Said the Na`Vi star and immediately kicked off the slaughter. Some perfect crosshair placement saw him get a quick headshot in Inferno’s T-Apps before a patient play rewarded him with an impressive long-range one tap.

S1mple then ran back into boiler and asked a teammate for a boost over the mid smoke, which resulted in yet another clean headshot. This one may have been even more impressive than the last, as he managed to perfectly scope out his opponent right on the edge of the smoke that was obscuring his vision.

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However, the fourth and final kill was definitely the highlight as Oleksandr danced on his teammate’s shoulders and quickly re-peaked into mid, instantly flicking onto the Terrorist popping out of the tunnel and hitting a head that could barely be seen on screen.

Even the CS:GO legend himself was impressed with the play and couldn’t help but let out a cheeky smile and slight cheer.

No doubt the donator was happy as well, having seen such an amazing play right after his donation – perhaps he’d even given s1mple some extra motivation.

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