PGL Major Stockholm tops Berlin Major for CSGO viewership in Challengers Stage

Luís Mira

DJ esports

PGL Major Stockholm’s Challengers Stage was a success in terms of viewership, largely surpassing the numbers from the previous Major, StarLadder Major Berlin 2019.

The first stage of PGL Major Stockholm ran between October 26-29 and featured 16 teams, including some big names like Astralis, FaZe and MOUZ. As the first CS:GO Major in over two years and only the third international LAN in the game since the global health crisis began (after IEM Cologne and IEM Fall), the competition has garnered attention all over the world.

It is no surprise then to see that the first stage of the Stockholm Major drew in a lot more viewers when compared to the StarLadder Major. It had an average viewership of 399,000 people, which is almost 126,000 more viewers than the average for the Berlin event, according to statistics website Esports Charts.

The PGL Major is pulling in more viewers than the StarLadder Major did

The first stage of the Major peaked at almost 668,000 concurrent viewers, which is also a significant increase when compared to the previous Major’s Challengers Stage, where the peak viewership was set at 432,000 people.

Brazilians top popularity charts

What was perhaps surprising was the fact that GODSENT were the most popular team during the Challengers Stage. The Brazilian side, who went 0-3 in the tournament, averaged almost 379,000 viewers in their matches and played two of the five most popular games during this stage, against Astralis (504,000 peak viewers) and Team Spirit (474,000).

This goes to show the massive size of the Brazilian fan base, with the Portuguese language streams hitting a peak viewership of over 193,000 people. With GODSENT, Sharks and paiN Gaming all eliminated in the first stage, Brazilian fans will now turn their attention to FURIA and North American side Team Liquid, who feature Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo in their ranks.

The series between Astralis and Team Spirit, which brought the curtain down on the Challengers Stage, was the most popular match, peaking at almost 570,000 viewers.

With teams like NAVI, Liquid and NIP now entering the fray, it is likely that the viewership numbers will only continue to increase, especially considering that PGL Major Stockholm will feature a live audience in the playoffs.

The StarLadder Major had a peak viewership of 836,000 people, which was reached during the grand final, between Astralis and AVANGAR.