PGL confirm 2021 Counter-Strike Major in Stockholm

Jonatan Svensson Glad / PGL

PGL has officially confirmed that the 2021 Counter-Strike Major will be held in Stockholm. The event is due to run from October 26 to November 7.

Romanian-based tournament organizer PGL has confirmed that they will be hosting the 2021 Counter-Strike Major in Stockholm between October 26 and November 7.

They had previously hinted at the announcement, tweeting a Swedish flag on September 16.

CS:GO returns to Sweden

PGL’s announcement marks the first time since 2014 that Sweden will host a Counter-Strike Major. It is also the first Counter-Strike Major since 2019, as restrictions related to the ongoing global health crisis begin to be lifted.

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Stockholm was announced as the next Major host in January 2021. However, doubt was cast over the plans in July after PGL expressed concern over Sweden’s travel restrictions. The company indicated that they were speaking with two other European nations in case Stockholm remained a non-viable option.

However, the Swedish government announced on September 7 that all restrictions relating to private and public gatherings would be lifted on September 29. This followed a policy change on August 19 that allowed esports athletes to enter the country as long as they had proof of a negative test.

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Avicii Arena at nightStockholm Live
Avicii Arena has previously hosted the Eurovision Song Contest and is the home of Sweden’s national ice hockey team

24 teams will attend the event in Stockholm, all vying for a share of a $2 million prize pool. The prize pool is the biggest in the history of CS:GO, double the previous record mark.

PGL Major Stockholm will begin on October 26 and conclude on November 7. The playoffs, held between November 4 and November 7, will be hosted at the iconic Avicii Arena.

PGL has announced that tickets will go on sale for the event on September 22.

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