Olofmeister leaves FaZe CSGO amid retirement rumors

Connor Bennett

Counter-Strike legend Olof ‘olofmeister’ Kajbjer Gustafsson has departed FaZe Clan after nearly four years, but he hasn’t said if he’ll be retiring just yet. 

Back in late 2017, FaZe Clan stepped up their efforts to develop an international superteam capable of winning every CS:GO event in the hopes of capturing numerous major titles.

That lineup has gone through a number of iterations through the years, and it hasn’t quite lived up to the potential that it first had – coming close to winning Majors, but never quite doing so.

Amid all the changes, Olofmeister was rock solid for FaZe until May of 2020, when he stepped down on a temporary basis. He’s returned at times to fill FaZe’s fifth member void, but now he’s walking away from the team for good.

olofmeister playing for FaZe Clan
There have been rumors surroudning a piossible retirement for Olof.

Following a stellar personal showing at BLAST Premier Spring Groups, Olofmeister confirmed that his time with FaZe was coming to an end.

This came amid rumors that he would be retiring and replaced by Karrigan, but while the Danish in-game leader has returned to his former home, Olof hasn’t quite hung up his mouse and keyboard just yet.

“Not the ending I wanted but we qualified and that was the most important! Time to take a step back and I’ll update you guys about my future,” he tweeted after the event. “Was a lot of fun playing and the future is looking really bright for the FaZe team, wish them nothing but the best as always! GGs!”

FaZe also sent their well wishes to the Swedish counter-strike legend, thanking him for his performances under their banner for all these years.

A legend to the game of Counter-Strike and a legend in the story of FaZe Clan. For all you’ve done, we thank you olofmeister.

What Olof’s next move is, though, remains to be seen. He hasn’t retired, so he could find himself on another team, but streaming will likely be an option as well.

As noted, Karrigan has filled the spot he left, and FaZe will be looking forward to another few years under his command.

FaZe roster

  • Coldzera
  • Twistzz
  • Rain
  • Broky
  • Karrigan