NAVI reveal rejected Major sticker for ‘advertising’ Bitcoin


NAVI revealed a logo design that was rejected as a PGL Stockholm Major signature sticker that looked a bit too similar to a popular cryptocurrency.

Now that the star-studded CIS team has qualified for the Stockholm Major quarterfinals, everyone on the starting roster has submitted their signatures to Valve to make in-game stickers.

Among NAVI’s lineup is 18-year-old Valerii ‘b1t’ Vakhovskyi who submitted an entry that made a play on his in-game ID with the popular crypto, Bitcoin.

Instead of a signature from the player, the mockup had Bitcoin’s logo to spell out his name. But the CSGO developers didn’t like the creative spin and promptly shut down the idea.

NAVI PGL Major sticker change

“It was B1tcoin before they didn’t let it through because it was deemed an advertisement,” NAVI Creative Director Alexey Kostylev said.

“It’s a good one,” another person in the video can be heard saying. “That would be a brilliant sticker but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Kostylev can be seen drawing up mockups to replace the rejected design before the cut-off at the time.

While the club’s original idea for b1t’s was turned down, he’ll still be able to have a signature sticker in time for the PGL Stockholm Major player capsules.

csgo bit bitcoin major sticker designNAVI YouTube
The mockup for b1t’s CSGO PGL Major player signature sticker that got rejected.

CSGO Major stickers update

For the first Major event in two years, Valve has changed up who gets to get a sticker for the tournament. Only players that have qualified for the playoffs will get a signature sticker.

That’s a stark contrast from simply having to qualify for the Major — and it was met with backlash from the CSGO community. Half of the revenue those stickers generate goes to Valve and the other goes back to the team.

B1t and the rest of the PGL Stockholm playoff contenders should get their in-game content soon as the quarterfinals stage is set to kick off on November 4.