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NadeKing reveals top CSGO pro tricks to help you win more matches

Published: 19/Jul/2020 1:06

by Alan Bernal


Strats in CS:GO are constantly evolving at the pro level, and popular YouTuber ‘NadeKing’ showed off a few new tricks that some of the best players are starting to implement in their games.

While you might not be able to counter-strafe one-tap ace the opposition like some pros can in matchmaking, there are easy gameplay tips that you can learn that are incredibly effective in their given situation.

Simple methods in CS can impact everything from denying weapons, finishing off a kill, clearing strange angles, and more. The more you get familiar with them, the more tools you’ll have that can impact your overall performance.

To that end, using the game’s features to your advantage is a great way to trick other people. NadeKing highlighted when Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen won a round by simply making noise the other player could hear.

Using the verticality of Nuke as a map, Aleksib stopped the plant with 0:03 remaining by making Valentin ‘poizon’ Vasilev believe there was someone near him trying to rush in for the kill.

A bit of mind tricks won’t help set up a site on Vertigo like Keith ‘NAF’ Markovic did with a single lineup that not only smokes a big sightline, but also perfectly flashes for your team.

Spawning in T, there’s a corner off the ledge of the map that you can look up and line up with the crane high above the map. From here you line up (as seen below) and use a jump+throw to smoke off Ivy, then normal throw to pop flash A site.

via NadeKing YouTube
Vertigo lineup from T spawn to smoke A Ivy and flash site.

An impressive, albeit situational, tactic to deny CT players from potential exit frags, is to simply die with the bomb. Now the high level play comes in the fact that if you’re up 10-2, like Heroic was on ENCE, and you have better guns as well as more money than your opponents.

Doing so forces the poor team to use their subpar weaponry in your next buy-round, essentially replaying that round.

These are just helpful concepts that some people can make use of in their CSGO matches, but NadeKing’s whole video is packed with different approaches that can help developing players.


How arT’s aggression is leading FURIA’s CSGO charge to site

Published: 27/Oct/2020 18:01

by Marco Rizzo


Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan has led FURIA to the top of NA Counter-Strike thanks not only to his calling but also his ultra-aggressive playstyle. 

Dexerto explores the Brazilian’s signature aggression and how it has defined him as the most offensive player in CSGO history. 

His playstyle slowly leaked into his strategies, making FURIA one of the most aggressive teams in the world: allowing them to become the most successful T-side team over the last few months. 

This was clear during ESL Pro League 11 NA, where arT’s aggressive pushes and misdirection on Inferno led the team to a dominant win against the best NA had to offer. All this while delivering some of the most entertaining CS ever. 

The importance of his dual-role as a IGL and Entry-Fragger is not lost, allowing him to quickly adapt his calling after going first into bombsites. 

ArT has led FURIA to become true contenders on the world stage but now the difficult part begins: keeping ahead of the curve and keep the elements of surprise on his side.