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The stats that make Nexa so vital to G2 CSGO

Published: 16/Jul/2020 11:46 Updated: 17/Jul/2020 11:35

by Shane King


In June 2020, G2 Esports finally claimed the CSGO world number one ranking for the first time in the organization’s history.

But the line-up that accomplished this wasn’t the French super-team that G2 used to be known for, but rather, an international side lead by Serbian in-game leader Nemanja ‘nexa’ Isaković.

Nexa joined the organization alongside former CR4ZY teammate Nemanja ‘huNter’ Kovač, who is actually the cousin of the legendary FaZe player Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač.  These two additions would revolutionize G2 who, in the past, had never quite lived up to its billing and expectations.

There weren’t instant results, but after nine months the side went from one that was written off by many to the greatest heights G2 have reached in Counter-Strike, and most of this was off the back of Isakovic’s leading.


We have analyzed the stats behind nexa’s gameplay, along with insight from the mind of the man himself, to examine just how vital he is to the team’s recent success.