How to watch NAVI vs Vitality CSGO showmatch: Stream, time, teams

Luís Mira

Esports betting company GG.BET is hosting a CS:GO showmatch on July 8 between NAVI and Vitality. Here is how you can watch it.

Dubbed the ‘Match of LeGGends’, the event will see NAVI and Vitality face off with their new rosters in an exciting three-map showmatch that will take place in Berlin.

This will be the first opportunity to see the two teams in action after the recent rosters changes. Vitality picked up Shahar ‘flameZ’ Shushan, one of CS:GO’s most sought-after players, while NAVI turned their team into an international roster and picked up Aleksi ’Aleksib’ Virolainen, Mihai ‘⁠iM⁠’ Ivan and Justinas ‘⁠jL’ Lekavicius.

s1mple and ZywOo playing CSGO
s1mple and ZywOo will swap teams and then team up in this showmatch

The match, organized by GGBET (which sponsors both organizations), will have some special rules in place. The first map will be a classic game between the rosters at full strength, but then the teams will exchange players, adding a twist to the showmatch.

For the second map, longtime rivals Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev and Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut will be swapping teams. But on the third map, the two stars will be playing side by side after the community drafted the two teams.

Match of LeGGends: Stream, date and time

The showmatch will take place on July 8 at 6 pm CET (10 am CET) and will be broadcast in multiple languages. James Banks will be the show’s host, while Mathieu ‘Maniac’ Quiquerez and Lucy ‘LucyLuce’ Eastwood will provide commentary on the action.

Here’s how you can watch the showmatch:

According to GG.BET, there will be a series of giveaways and prize draws during the showmatch.

Match of LeGGends: Teams and results

New Rosters – Inferno

  • NAVI 16:08 Vitality
  • NAVI: s1mple, b1t, Aleksib, iM, jL
  • Vitality: Magisk, Spinx, flameZ, ZywOo, apEX

AWP Swap – Anubis

  • NAVI 08:16 Vitality
  • NAVI: b1t, Aleksib, iM, jL, ZywOo
  • Vitality: Magisk, Spinx, flameZ, apEX, s1mple

Dream Teams – Overpass

  • NAVITY [14:16] VITAVI
  • NAVITY: Aleksib, iM, jL, Magisk, Spinx
  • VITAVI: flameZ, ZywOo, apEX, s1mple, b1t