How many people play CSGO? Player count in 2023

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Though Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launched all the way back in 2012, it’s still one of the most popular FPS games available today. As such, we’ve prepared an estimated player count to give the latest figures as of February 2023.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not only one of the most popular first-person shooters to date, but is also one of Valve’s most lucrative properties thanks to its cosmetic case system.

The game’s popularity has only increased since its release back in 2012, as it recently beat its all-time player count record more than a decade later.

Still, some players may be wondering just how popular CS:GO really is and how it stacks up to other online tactical shooters. Thankfully, there are a few ways we can track CS:GO’s ongoing player count to give a good idea of just how popular the FPS is.

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How many people play CSGO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s monthly player count usually ranges from around 500,000 to 750,000 total players.

During peak active hours, CS:GO can reach around 1 to 1.2 million players online at once.

While these numbers aren’t straight from Valve, they are accurate figures taken from Steam’s API. Overall, CS:GO has seen a steady increase in active players since November 2022.

CSGO player count record

CSGO once again broke its all-time record player count on February 26, 2023, reaching 1,354,248 concurrent players according to

This comes off the heels of the tactical shooter breaking its previous record on February 11, 2023, when it hit 1,320,219 at once.

Considering the FPS has once again surpassed its previous record by a respectable margin, CSGO could very well reach another player count record in the coming days or weeks.

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CSGO player count vs other games

Using the data available for other multiplayer games, one can compare CSGO’s player count numbers to similar games like Valorant and Rainbow Six Seige.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege reaches an average of around 30,000 active players, with around 50,000 concurrent players during peak hours.

Unfortunately, one of the game’s more comparable rivals, Valorant, is not available on Steam. However, the website Tracker Network reported that the tactical hero shooter FPS reached 5,718,928 total players on February 25, 2023 (Note, this is total players that day – not concurrent players).

And that’s everything fans need to know about how many people play CSGO in 2023. For more CSGO guides check out the articles listed below:

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