GeT_RiGhT moved to tears as fans flood Twitch chat after NiP CS:GO roster change news

Joe O'Brien

Counter-Strike legend Christopher ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alesund got emotional on stream after he was met with massive fan support in the wake of an announcement about his future with Ninjas in Pyjamas.

It was announced on June 19 that not only are Ninjas in Pyjamas making an immediate roster change, bringing in Nicolas ‘Plopski’ Zamora for Dennis ‘dennis’ Edman, but that they would be looking for a replacement for NiP legend GeT_RiGhT after the StarLadder Berlin Major.

The move would truly mark an end of an era, with GeT_RiGhT have been a central force in NiP’s legendary run in the first years of CS:GO, and one of just two players remaining from the original roster alongside Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg.

Adela Sznajder/ESLGeT_RiGhT is one of the most legendary Counter-Strike players of all time and an iconic member of NiP.

In the wake of the announcement, fans flooded to GeT_RiGhT’s stream to spam his Twitch chat with hearts and messages of support, causing the Counter-Strike veteran to tear up at the outpouring.

Later in his stream, GeT_RiGhT took a moment to discuss the news, stating that he knew that his spot on the team was no longer secure from a week prior to the official announcement.

“The first reaction that I got from it was not really sad to be honest. It was difficult to hear it, because I’ve been here for almost seven years now. I’ve played with f0rest for 10-plus years.”

“Nothing is certain, nothing at all. I haven’t even thought about quitting, I haven’t even thought about retiring, I haven’t thought about anything with it. We had talks about it, I understand the situation, I respect the decisions, I’m very happy that I can at least play one more major.”

While it does seem likely GeT_RiGhT’s time with Ninjas in Pyjamas, at least as a player, is coming to an end, fans might hold out a little hope that his departure might not be completely finalized. While he says there is a “big chance” that he will not play for the team after the Major, he refrained from being definitive on the matter.

Regardless, fans will still see two massive events from GeT_RiGhT with NiP over the coming months.

“The situation is like this: I will be playing the next two events, [ESL One] Cologne and the [StarLadder Berlin] Major. After the Major is done, there is a chance, a big one, not a small one, that I will not continue with NiP after that.”

ESL One Cologne is due to take place on July 2-7, while the StarLadder Berlin Major runs from August 23 to September 8, although Ninjas in Pyjamas will begin the tournament from the Legends Stage, starting August 28.

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