G2 Esports slammed after reportedly ghosting jks for weeks before shock CS2 benching

Jeremy Gan
G2 Esports slammed after reportedly ghosting jks for weeks before shock CS2 benchingBLAST

G2 Esports’ management has been slammed after reportedly ghosting jks for weeks before his surprise benching amid CS2 roster moves. 

Amid the Counter-Strike 2 roster shuffles which have been happening throughout November, G2 was making headlines as many of their star players were reportedly fielding offers from other teams, notably their star player Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač was set for a blockbuster move to Team Falcons

And amid the roster shuffles, it was reported by HLTV that fan favorite Justin ‘jks’ Savage was getting benched, in favor of bringing back their former IGL Nemanja “nexa” Isaković. 

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However, the benching wasn’t as smooth as most would like, as according to CS caster and former teammate of jks, Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill, jks was allegedly ghosted for weeks before his eventual ousting from the roster. 

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G2 Esports’ management reportedly ghosted jks before his benching

Speaking on the Talking Counter podcast, SPUNJ criticized G2’s handling of jks’ benching, saying, “The leaks comes out about [jks] getting benched, G2 don’t announce anything for two weeks, I guess at that point the news is already out there, but then they wrap the f***ing announcement of him getting benched the same time nexa joined the team.

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“Put it out early so the kid can at least explore some of his prospects and options before everyone starts batting down the hatches with the Major cycle,” he said. 

SPUNJ went on to detail the supposed behind-the-scenes of the benching, saying, “They weren’t even f***ing talking to [jks] for weeks after IEM Sydney. He was messaging the management of the team, and nobody was f***ing replying to him.

“He’s in Australia right now, and he was trying to work out how to get back to Europe for practice, and his manager was ghosting for weeks at a time. That’s what I think is f***ing bulls***.”

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G2 is slated to play in the CCT Online Finals #5 with their newly updated roster, and there has been no announcement as to where jks will end up next.

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