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Former OpTic India player breaks silence following the forsaken cheating scandal

Published: 30/Oct/2018 15:25 Updated: 30/Oct/2018 15:29

by Ross Deason


One of the former OpTic India CS:GO players, Agneya ‘Marzil’ Koushik, has released a statement about the cheating scandal involving his former teammate, Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat.

Forsaken was caught cheating at the $100,000 eXTREMESLAND 2018 LAN event in Shanghai which resulted in him and the rest of OpTic India being disqualified for the event.


The guilty player was kicked from OpTic shortly after and the rest of the team didn’t last much longer, despite denying having any knowledge about his actions.

Now Marzil, who had been on the roster with forsaken since June, has released lengthy statement on Facebook, lamenting the turn of events and doubling down on the comments about not knowing what was going on.


“What forsaken did is unforgivable as he has destroyed so many people’s hard work and cost multiple people jobs and opportunities for no fault of their own,” said the for OpTic man. “I know I’ve also publicly defended forsaken in the past and I am sorry for the same. I put too much faith in somebody since the anticheat systems couldn’t catch him for so long and I believed it to be another ropz sort of case.”

Robin ‘ropz’ Kool is an Estonian phenom who rose through the ranks of the FACEIT Pro League at an alarming rate, earning a great deal of suspicion from the community and other pro players in the process.

The no 18-year-old eventually had to travel to the FACEIT offices and play in front of their admins to help prove his innocence and was picked up by Mousesports soon after.


Unfortunately for Marzil and the rest of OpTic India, this was not the case for forsaken. It has also been proven that the Indian player cheated at the ESL India Premiership finals, an event that OpTic India took first place in.

“I am taking this time to actually reset by spending time with family and friends, playing other video games and just MAYBE sometimes playing some PUGs to keep me warm and sharp,” Marzil continued. “I do not know what my future is going to be like but I’d like to make an informed decision about the same.”


BLAST Premier Fall moves CSGO event to Europe & replaces 100 Thieves

Published: 14/Oct/2020 15:00

by Calum Patterson


BLAST has announced that BIG and Furia will be replacing 100 Thieves and Team Liquid in the BLAST Premier Fall series, with all teams competing from Europe.

During the online CS:GO era, teams in different regions have been unable to face each other due to the travel restrictions and all tournaments being moved online. This has led to an interesting, but not entirely desirable, separation of the competition.


The BLAST Premier Fall Series will finally bring together the two main regions, Europe and America, to compete under a single tournament once again, as German’s BIG and Brazil’s Furia replace the outgoing 100 Thieves and Team Liquid.

The Fall Series was initially planned to be another split tournament, with eight European teams, and 4 American teams, playing in their own separate events. However, with 100 Thieves pulling out of CS:GO, it would have left only three teams in the NA event.

100 Thieves Australian roster
100 Thieves had secured spots in partnered leagues including BLAST, but have now pulled out of the esport altogether.

Rather than simply filling the spot with Furia, BLAST are bringing together both events, and adding BIG into the mix as well. BIG are certainly deserving of a spot, considering their impressive form over the online era.

Team Liquid will make way, and instead join up in the Fall Showdown in November. BLAST says they agreed to this with Liquid “to limit the amount of cross-continental travel for players.”

“The Fall Series will throw up some of the most exciting match-ups this year with Americas-based teams FURIA, MiBR and Evil Geniuses now able to rekindle old and new rivalries against Europe’s leading Counter-Strike teams,” BLAST said.

Twistzz playing CS:GO
Team Liquid will advance straight to the Fall Showdown, with BIG taking their spot in the groups.

BLAST Premier Fall teams:

  • Astralis
  • NiP
  • G2 Esports
  • OG
  • Vitality
  • NAVI
  • FaZe Clan
  • Complexity
  • MiBR
  • Evil Geniuses
  • BIG

All teams will be based in Europe for the tournament, starting on October 26 with the first group matches. The top two from each group advance to the Fall Finals, bottom two to the Showdown, for a second shot at making it to the finals. After the finals are concluded, winning teams will advance to the Global Finals in January.

“The Counter-Strike scene has been crying out for both regions to renew rivalries in recent months and we’re delighted that we can deliver this for fans.” said BLAST CEO, Robbie Douek.

You can catch all the action from the BLAST Premier Fall Series starting on October 26.