OpTic India’s forsaken also cheated at the ESL Premiership LAN finals [Confirmed]

Published: 22/Oct/2018 12:29 Updated: 22/Oct/2018 12:34

by Ross Deason


ESL have confirmed that OpTic India’s now infamous former player, Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat, cheated during official matches in the ESL India Premiership.

Forsaken made headlines on October 19 when he was caught cheating at the $100,000 eXTREMESLAND 2018 LAN event in Shanghai, resulting in him and his team being disqualified from the event.

OpTic India were quick to distance themselves from the player, kicking him from their roster, but the organization eventually decided to drop the entire roster with immediate effect.

Shortly after news about forsaken broke a number of suspicious clips and evidence of him potentially cheating in the past began to surface, and now ESL India have found proof that he was hacking at the ESL India Premiership Fall Finale (an event that OpTic India won convincingly).

“Based on the proof from Zowie eXTREMESLAND Asia Finals, we at ESL India are investigating all the 20 players in the #ESLIndiaPremiership Finale for any potential cheats on their drives,” ESL revealed on Facebook.

They continue: “On immediate inspection, we have discovered the same cheat program that was used by Forsaken in Shanghai on the SSD he used at the ESL India Premiership Fall Finale and have shared this evidence with the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC).”

OpTic India appeared to be on an upward trajectory heading into eXTREMESLAND 2018.

ESL class this evidence of forsaken cheating at their event as a Level 4 offence under ESIC’s ‘Code of Conduct’ but will refrain from making a final decision until the commissioner has conducted an independent inquiry.

Four teams took part in the ESL India Premiership Fall Finale – the fact that all 20 players were investigated, but only forsaken’s SSD was found to have the files on immediate inspecition, adds some credence to the claims of the former OpTic India players that they were unaware of their teammate’s actions.


New CSGO Operation Broken Fang revealed: Agents, maps, rewards, more

Published: 3/Dec/2020 22:42

by Brad Norton


A full year after the launch of Shattered Web, a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation has been deployed. Broken Fang brings new maps, Agents, rewards, and plenty more. Here’s everything you need to know.

In typical Valve fashion, the biggest reveal for CSGO in quite some time has dropped out of nowhere. There was no teasing this one as the developers made the shocking announcement with a brief video and a blog post on December 3.

Similar to the previous year of content, there’s a ton to sink your teeth into here. From weekly missions to a variety of new cosmetics, and even a stat-tracking tool. There’s plenty to entice newcomers along with some intricate features to satisfy veteran players.

One of the biggest Operations in recent history, Broken Fang comes with a whopping seven maps as well. Here’s a full breakdown of everything you need to know.

CSGO Operation Broken Fang maps

CSGO Ancient gameplay
Ancient headlines the new CSGO map pool, designed from the ground up for competitive play.

Headlining the surprise announcement was the unveiling of seven new maps. Previous updates have provided a few new areas to explore, but this is the largest addition since 2017’s Operation Hydra.

The primary map on display is ‘Ancient.’ This grimy looking map appears to feature a mix of wide-open areas along with some tight corridors for close-quarters action. It’s set in the middle of a jungle with half-broken buildings covered in moss, implying this site has been abandoned for quite some time.

Outside of this core map designed for competitive play, there are five community maps included in the Broken Fang update. These can be played across a number of unique modes. Some will take you to the snowy alps while others will drop you inside museums. Below is a look at each of the new community maps.

CSGO Ancient map
Our first look at the ‘Ancient’ map in CSGO.
Our first look at the ‘Guard’ map in CSGO.
Our first look at the ‘Autumn’ map in CSGO.
Our first look at the ‘Apollo’ map in CSGO.
Our first look at the ‘Engage’ map in CSGO.
Our first look at the ‘Frostbite’ map in CSGO.

CSGO Operation Broken Fang rewards

New weapon skins are on offer in the Broken Fang update.

It wouldn’t be a new Operation without a ton of fresh cosmetic items to unlock. Thanks to returning weekly missions, you’ll be able to choose the items that you acquire first. Whether you prefer new weapon skins, stickers, or even unique Agents, it’s up to you what order you decide on.

There appear to be 20 new Agents on offer in this update. Some look fully equipped for battle with protective armor, while others are a little more casual in their approach, dropping in with clown masks and suits instead.

Moreover, there are many new weapon skins to comb through as well. Almost everyone weapon has a new look to try out in Operation Broken Fang, and of course, you can further customize everything with an assortment of new stickers.

CSGO Operation Broken Fang stats

CSGO stats
Track your performance better than ever thanks to the new stats tools in Broken Fang.

One of the biggest new additions with the Broken Fang update is the ability to track your statistics in-game. Everything is now automatically tracked for the Operation, meaning you can dissect individual weapon stats, performances across the new maps, and everything in between.

Rather than having to rely on a third-party site, this is now all possible in the game itself. You’ll be able to break things down in all-new ways to truly analyze your playstyle and improve along the way.

Operation Broken Fang is available to download in CSGO right now.