Fnatic CSGO star Krimz sets LAN record, but his team still loses

Scott Robertson

Counter-Strike veteran and Fnatic star Krimz has etched his name in the books once more, with a historic performance against MIBR on Dust2. Unfortunately, that performance still wasn’t enough to propel the Swedish side to a victory at the ESL Pro League finals.

Sometimes your absolute best still isn’t enough. Krimz learned this the hard way in the second map of the series that pitted Fnatic against MIBR in the Group A lower bracket of the ESL Pro League finals.

Fnatic had already claimed the first map, in a decisive 16-10 victory on Inferno, thanks to a terrific performance from Robin ‘flusha’ Rönnquist. Krimz was rather quiet on that match, but evidently, he was just gearing up for an incredible Dust2 map.

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Krimz put on an absolute show, helping Fnatic gain an early advantage in the first round with some vital site defenses.

But MIBR fought their way back in, with Epitacio ‘TACO’ de Melo and Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo contributing more reliable performances to tie it 8-8. Krimz would respond with even more impressive play, as he continued to hold down bomb sites while on the opposite side.

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Despite re-taking the lead again, MIBR would surge back a second time, locking down sites on their CT side to eventually force overtime, where they would emerge victorious in five overtime rounds (4-1).

In that loss, Krimz tallied 47 kills on Dust2 with 44 coming in regulation, which according to HLTV’s statistics, was a record-breaking performance. The 44 kills before overtime is the most on LAN in regulation ever, in a victory or in a loss.

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This 44 kill number surpasses the previous mark for most kills in regulation at a premier LAN that was held by FaZe Clan star Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač, who dropped a cool 40 in a win against Team Liquid at the ECS Season 4 Finals.

With the record, Krimz adds to a longstanding and impressive career that’s highlighted by three major championships and a very full trophy case. And thankfully for Fnatic, they were able to salvage the series against MIBR with a victory on Vertigo, thanks to a star performance from young star Ludvig ‘Brollan’ Brolin.

He didn’t break any records, but Brollan still posted 34 kills along with only 13 deaths, and propelled Fnatic into a final lower bracket series with 100 Thieves while sending the Brazilians home.