Flashpoint 3 qualifiers marred as cheater gets banned mid-tournament


The Flashpoint Season 3 qualifiers have been marred by a VAC ban mid-tournament. ‘Peterpik-’, playing on RatPatrol, was banned mid-qualifier, but only after his squad made the top eight of the open event.

476 teams signed up to the Flashpoint Season 3 Open Qualifier 3, with two spots on the line in the Closed Qualifier to enter the prestigious RMR event.

With the path to the Stockholm Major laid out in front of teams, this Open Qualifier marked one of the last chances for smaller squads to try and breakthrough, getting a chance to test their mettle against world heavyweights.

However, the event has been marred by a cheating controversy. Danish player ‘Peterpik-’, part of RatPatrol, was VAC-banned midway through the event after their team had reached the top eight.

Peterpik banned CSGOFACEIT
Danish player Peterpik- was VAC-banned during Flashpoint 3.

RatPatrol knocked out teams like GameAgents and Apeks before making it to the quarterfinals, two games away from making the Flashpoint 3 Closed Qualifier.

Apeks veteran Dennis ‘dennis’ Edman said on Twitter “[we] lost to cheaters in the Flashpoint qualifier and we can’t do anything about it.

“At least one of them got banned but we’re still out, it’s a bit…just a bit f**ked up that it works like this.”

Dennis’ squad lost to RatPatrol 16-14 on Inferno in the Round of 32.

VAC-banned players are not allowed to play in Valve-sponsored events. This includes Regional Major Rankings (RMR) tournaments like Flashpoint 3, which is a direct qualifier to the 2021 Stockholm Major.

Peterpik- has also been banned on FACEIT, where Flashpoint events take place.

It comes a week after Valve relaxed their rules regarding VAC bans in competitive play.

The CS:GO developer shortened the permanent suspension to five years, forgiving the bans of Elias ‘Jamppi’ Olkkonen, Vinicius ‘vsm’ Moreira, and more.

Flashpoint has been contacted for comment.