Female CSGO Twitch streamer goes viral for dominating games with one hand - Dexerto

Female CSGO Twitch streamer goes viral for dominating games with one hand

Published: 19/Nov/2020 23:48

by Michael Gwilliam


Gaming with only one hand can prove to be extremely difficult for most players, but one Twitch streamer showed how despite physical limitations, she can annihilate foes in CSGO.

On November 18, a clip of Portuguese streamer Kika ‘xirilikika’ Martins exploded on Reddit when one of her opponents uploaded a video of the Counter-Strike player.

In a post titled “I was playing against a one-handed woman and this happened,” xirilikika shows how she is able to play the game despite limitations.

While she uses her hand on the keyboard to move with the WASD keys, her forearm is positioned in a unique way to guide the mouse. Once she acquires a target, she is quick to change gears, grab the mouse, aim and shoot.



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In the clip in question, she is able to leap into the air and transition her keyboard hand to the mouse before landing a clean headshot onto an enemy with her Desert Eagle.

Moments later, she follows this up by performing a similar move, this time securing the round-winning frag with an MP9.

It was a truly incredible showing and a sign that even with only one hand, you can make some serious moves.

According to xirilikika’s channel information, she had a stroke when she was a little girl which left her disabled in 60% of her body. Since then, she has been doing everything with just one hand.


This isn’t the first time a player has gone viral for their incredible plays with only one hand. As Dexerto previously reported, an amputee’s one-handed Valorant setup made waves when he showed how he plays with a “stump.”

It just goes to show that regardless of your physical condition, can you still make some big plays and enjoy gaming in extremely competitive titles.