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FaZe NiKo reveals how coldzera rivalry turned into close friendship

Published: 11/Dec/2019 18:13

by Scott Robertson


On the eve of the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals, FaZe Clan’s CSGO roster sat down with Frankie Ward on the BLAST media day, and longstanding star Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač revealed how his rivalry with co-star Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David gave way to a beautiful partnership.

NiKo and coldzera aren’t just powerful CSGO allies, they’re a full-blown power couple. But before the FaZe duo embodied modern-day relationship goals, they found themselves on the opposite sides of a competitive rivalry.

When Frankie asked the two stars why they liked each other so much, NiKo dived in with some history about their relationship.

“Ever since we had this rivalry back in 2017, we have been hanging out together,” he explained. “The friendship clicks.”

In 2017, NiKo had a breakout year in his first year with FaZe Clan, earning multiple championships with FaZe and giving coldzera some competition for player of the year while he was with SK Gaming. Coldzera claimed the honor that year, his second in a row, and the two players joked that that was the cause of the rivalry.

During that year, cold and SK also won the head-to-head matchups, winning seemingly every series that pit them against FaZe, including a handful of series in the grand finals of events like IEM Sydney and ECS Season 3 finals.

Two years later, the rivals-turned-friends would become teammates, as FaZe paid top dollar to acquire coldzera from MIBR. Their teammate rain gave some insight on how the two co-exist on the same server when they both make calls.

“Of course whatever [NiKo] says is law, but then again cold has some really good input, and sometimes NiKo listens. But usually, it’s ‘end of discussion’ when you talk to Niko in the in-game.” 

Both NiKo and cold shared a handshake and a smile as rain described the inner workings of their partnerships. NiKo joked earlier in the interview about their disagreements on the comms.

“We’re on the same page most of the time when it comes to CS,” NiKo said as he and coldzera shared a laugh. They’ll be sharing the same city block as well in a short amount of time, as NiKo revealed that he was planning to move closer to coldzera soon, to the building next door.

Coldzera asked out of MIBR, and ended up with FaZe Clan

The next step for the duo is to improve on results heading into 2020. Their debut at ESL One NY did not go well at all, going 0-4 in maps and getting eliminated right away. The good news for FaZe heading into the Global Finals is that they’ve looked very good in BLAST events already, having won Copenhagen over NiP back in November.

It seems the duo really enjoys playing together, but both players will be looking to win much more in the next year, especially as that Valve major victory still eludes the legendary NiKo.


BLAST Premier CSGO Fall Final schedule

Published: 3/Dec/2020 13:28

by Jacob Hale


The BLAST Premier Fall Final is right around the corner, bringing some of the best CS:GO teams in the world together to compete for the huge $425,000 prize pool.

Throughout the season, some of CS’ top teams have been competing to earn points for seeding at the Fall Finals, and the event is finally arriving, with eight teams set to lock heads in December, looking to round out the year with a huge win.

In case you missed it, the eight teams that qualified through the Regular Season and Showdown event are as follows:

  • Vitality
  • Mousesports
  • Natus Vincere
  • Astralis
  • G2 Esports
  • Furia
  • OG Esports
  • BIG
BLAST Premier showdown
BLAST Premier
The BLAST Premier Showdown was each team’s last chance to secure their spot at the Fall Finals.

Blast Premier Global Fall Finals schedule

The BLAST Premier Fall Finals will last from December 8-13, and we now know how the bracket and schedule will look ahead of time.

So far, we only have the fixtures for Round 1, but we know the times for every matchup slated to take place. Here’s when you’ll need to tune in (all times CET):

Tuesday, December 8

  • 4.30pm: Vitality vs Mousesports
  • 7.30pm: Astralis vs Natus Vincere

Wednesday, December 9

  • 1.30pm: G2 Esports vs Furia
  • 4.30pm: OG Esports vs BIG
  • 7.30pm: Lower Bracket Match 1

Thursday, December 10

  • 1.30pm: Lower Bracket Match 2
  • 4.30pm: Upper Bracket Match 1
  • 7.30pm: Upper Bracket Match 2

Friday, December 11

  • 4.30pm: Lower Bracket Match 3
  • 7.30pm: Lower Bracket Match 4

Saturday, December 12

  • 4.30pm: Upper Bracket Final
  • 7.30pm: Lower Bracket Final

Sunday, December 13

  • 4.30pm: Consolidation Final
  • 8.30pm: Grand Final
BLAST Premier CSGO Fall Finals schedule
BLAST Premier
BLAST Premier CSGO Fall Finals schedule.

So, that’s the full schedule for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals, with some exciting matchups to boot — including a big Day 1 face-off between Astralis and Na’Vi, with Astralis seeking revenge from their quarterfinal loss at IEM Beijing.

Be sure to keep checking back as we provide coverage for all of the results and happenings at the event, which is sure to prove just as exciting as it looks.