FaZe Clan champions of EPICENTER 2018 $295,000 CS:GO tournament – Final Placements

FaZe Clan’s all-star European roster are back on top a losing streak, taking down Na’Vi to secure 1st place at EPICENTER 2018, netting $150,000.

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FaZe Clan, who have finished top eight at their last four successive tournaments, may finally getting back to form, after taking down Na’Vi in swift 2-0 fashion in the grand finals in Moscow.

And they were equally as dominant on their way to the finals, taking out both Ninjas and Pyjamas and Team Liquid, also in 2-0 victories.

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Despite the undeniable talent on the roster, there remained question marks over them coming into the grand finals, with fans concerned they have lost their winning edge.

But they looked assured, starting on their map pick Mirage, taking it 16-12 even after Na’Vi won the initial pistol round, but their star man Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev was pulling his team through.

With the rest of Na’Vi slacking behind, FaZe Clan took advantage, all contributing to the fragging column, and closing out their map pick, with Na’Vi’s Dust2 pick up next. This one was surprisingly one sided, as FaZe smashed through their opponents, winning 16-3.

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NiKo unsurprisingly picked up MVP for his side, but his teammates were certainly worthy candidates too, particularly GuardiaN, who never disappoints in the AWP role.

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EPICENTER 2018 – Final Placements

Position Team Prize Money
1st FaZe Clan $150,000
2nd Na’Vi $75,000
3rd-4th Team Liquid $20,000
3rd-4th AVANGAR $20,000
5th-6th NiP $10,000
5th-6th HellRaisers $10,000
7th-8th ENCE $5,000
7th-8th Swole Patrol $5,000

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