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Astralis wins ECS Season 6: Final Standings, Recaps and Placements

Published: 25/Nov/2018 23:26 Updated: 26/Nov/2018 3:42

by Vincent Genova


Astralis took down MiBR in a classic final to win ECS Season 6.

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Group A proved to be the better division as MiBR and Astralis both defeated their Group B opponents to reach the final.

MiBR took out North to advance, while Astralis upset Group B number one seed Ninjas in Pyjamas. 

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Map one Inferno was as close as it gets as Astralis won on their pick by a score of 16-14. FalleN went off, leading all players in the match with the most kills, damage, first bloods and AWP kills.

Despite the statistical disadvantage and a star turn from FalleN, Astralis was able to hold on. The European squad picked Inferno despite losing on it to MIBR in the group stage, though the strategy paid off.


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The match moved to Overpass, MIBR’s pick and one that was not played during the group stage between the two finalists.

Overpass was another back and forth affair between the evenly matched teams, this time it was dupreeh and Stewie2K leading the way for their squads.

The map went into two overtimes as neither team could pick up consecutive rounds. Astralis finally broke the deadlock by winning rounds 38 and 39 to take a 20-18 lead, but MiBS answered back with two straight.

Astralis ended the match by winning the next two and put Overpass in the books 22-20 to take the ECS Season 6 Finals. Map one hero FalleN was left in a 1v2 with the bomb down and could not pull it out.


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CS:GO ECS Season 6 Final Standings and Placements

Place Team Prize (USD)
1st Astralis $250,000
2nd MiBR $120,000
3rd-4th Ninjas in Pyjamas $65,000
3rd-4th North $65,000
5th-6th mousesports $45,000
5th-6th NRG Esports $45,000
7th-8th Cloud9 $35,000
7th-8th Team Liquid $35,000