CS:GO YouTuber McSkillet Reportedly Killed in Crash Involving His McLaren Super Car

It has been claimed that an 18 year old YouTuber known in the CS:GO community under the alias, McSkillet, has died in a fatal car crash.

On the afternoon of August 23, a young male, drove his McLaren super car at 100mph into oncoming traffic on a highway in San Diego.

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A number of San Diego news outlets have reported that the McLaren collided with an SUV going the opposite way, killing the driver of both cars and a passenger of the SUV.

The crash ended up becoming a messy fireball involving eight cars in total, with eight more people injured on top of the three dead in the primary collision.

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Concerns were raised in the hours after the crash that the driver of the McLaren was YouTuber and CS:GO skins expert, McSkillet.

At the time of writing it has not been confirmed by authorities the name of the driver, however, a number of his friends have taken to Twitter to claim that it was McSkillet behind the wheel.

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McSkillet was a successful YouTuber, with over 870,000 subscribers on the video sharing platform.

One of his uploads in December 2017 showcased him revealing his black McLaren.

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The majority of his videos focused on CS:GO skins, but he hadn’t uploaded a video since March 2018.

He was later trade banned by Valve in mid-2018 due to his involvement in skin gambling website, CS:GO Magic.

It is important to note that it has not been confirmed that McSkillet was the driver and we’ll update the story when more information is released.