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CSGO walk accuracy bug can still ruin games and players want Valve to patch it

Published: 2/Aug/2021 20:02

by Alan Bernal


A long-standing bug in CSGO has the community pleading for Valve to finally patch the problem, as more evidence has been compiled with possible solutions that can be taken.

YouTuber ‘Zoddom,’ along with a host of other CSGO analysts like Birkir, Altimor and SlothSquadron, have separately highlighted the walk accuracy glitch in the game in the past.

Each time, they compiled their findings after testing out the CSGO glitch with hopes that Valve would patch it up as soon as possible. However, they’ve separately documented this for the past several years, and a patch has yet to be released.


Zoddom has brought up the issue again after a video clearly showing the bug at work surfaced again in the CSGO subreddit, where more people started to see it for themselves.

“When you’re pressing crouch, the game essentially thinks you are running,” Zoddom said after explaining the mechanics in the game that lead to the repeatable bug.

Zoddom’s video, published back in February 2021 but thrusted back into the spotlight, compares and demonstrates how CSGO’s formula for inaccuracy after walking to then crouch-walking gets tampered with.

They noticed that there’s a brief window that can span three or so shots where the inaccuracy wildly fluctuates when getting into a crouch.


In application, the bug is only persistent for less than a second, but the implication that it has to the first few shots can be readily perceived.

“IMHO this is one of the bugs with the biggest impacts on gameplay right now,” Zoddom said. “It can easily lead to losing a round that you should’ve won and technically it can happen much more often than let’s say the molo-smoke-bug. It can happen every single round depending on your playstyle.”

Even though he recognized that this can be avoided by properly counter-strafing, he called the glitch “unintuitive” in nature and can lead to an “an exponentially higher disadvantage” than normal.


As more people familiarize themselves with CSGO’s walk accuracy bug, the calls to fix it are getting louder. Now the community will wait to see if Valve addresses the problem soon.