CS:GO pro under fire after using racial slurs towards fellow player


Russian CS:GO professional Tatiana ‘Sindi’ Gracheva is under fire from the community after sending racist remarks towards another player during a CS:GO pick-up game.

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One of many female pro players, Sindi is now receiving backlash after she used a racial slur repeatedly in the game chat of a FACEIT match of CS:GO.

Although she has been inactive for some time, Sindi has notably competed on the London Conspiracy team who place second at Copenhagen Games 2017 after losing to Team Secret in the finals.

dshqcsgo twitterSindi and her former London Conspiracy / Team4Real roster.
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Sindi was playing a pick-up game on CS:GO with her boyfriend and a friend when they began arguing with members from the other team including professional player, Robiin.

A player named ‘Melonheadxp,’ then brought Sindi into the argument after telling her boyfriend “your gf has sent nudes to the whole fucking cs community.”

Sindi then replied with abusive racial comments towards Melonhead numerous times, after he had threatened to share her alleged nude photos with members of his team.

FACEITA screenshot of the in-game chat log between Sindi and the other players.

After the game melonheadxp posted some more photos of the chat log online. The full chat log from the FACEIT pick up game can be found here.

Sindi has since released a statement explaining that she made mistakes, apologizing for her behavior and explaining her side of the story, claiming that her, Robiin and Melonheadxp were “truly good friends” prior to the argument.

As of now, It appears that FACEIT has only issued Sindi a three day ban for using “abusive language” during the game but with recent backlash from the community.

CS:GO has one of the most prominent female communities in all of esports and are often seen to host regular female only tournaments and events for those to compete in.