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CS:GO: Karrigan gets brutally turned on after ’embarrassing’ whiff

Published: 18/May/2019 10:05 Updated: 18/May/2019 10:17

by Connor Bennett


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team’s game against Valiance.  

Anyone who has played CS:GO will know the heartbreaking feeling of missing an easy shot, before getting turned on and eliminated from the round.

You think you’ve got an easy kill lined up and you’re going to do some economic damage to the other team in a bid to mount a comeback, but you shoot wide and completely fluff your lines. It’s a familiar feeling, and it can happens to professional players too.

The former FaZe IGL has a new project on his hands with the young Mousesports line-up.

Karrigan suffered such a fate during Mosuesports’ Dreamhack Open Tours game with Valiance. Looking to make a comeback on Dust 2, the newly-formed European mix squad were faced with the prospect of a half-buy Desert Eagle round as they looked to rectify their economy.

However, things didn’t work out as planned, as Nemanja ‘huNter’ Kovač, mowed three players down in the A Long Doors position. That left Karrigan, who had found his way up close to the A bombsite, all alone against three Valiance players. He looked to have an easy kill on Otto ‘ottoNd’ Sihvo as he manoeuvered above the Finnish youngster.

Yet, when he landed up for a clean headshot attempt, the long-time Danish star whiffed and frantically tried to run away before ‘ottoNd’ pulled off a brutal turn-on kill to give his team the round and extend their lead.

Karrigan takes the blame

While some viewers may have found an excuse and blamed something like a broken hitbox, Karrigan’s miss came down to the accuracy reset after jumping – which the Desert Eagle has the longest time of any other in-game gun.

The former FaZe clan in-game leader, however, didn’t opt for excuses and instead stated, after the game, that the moment summed up his individual performance which wasn’t “good enough.”

The bad luck seemed to sum up Mousesports’ match against Valiance, as they fell to a crushing defeat by a 16-6 scoreline – in a match-up that they probably would have expected to win.

Yet, at least the play didn’t result in their exit from the tournament. Mousesports will take on Windigo in their bid to stay alive in the French open event. A potential rematch with Valiance could be on the cards if both teams progress through their respective sides of the playoff bracket.


S1mple banned again on Twitch for fourth time over “aggression”

Published: 30/Oct/2020 22:28

by Bill Cooney


CS:GO star Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev has apparently been banned again on Twitch, for his fourth time in total on the platform.

The Ukrainian is the star of Natus Vincere’s CSGO squad and generally considered one of the best CS:GO players in the entire world, but even that isn’t enough to save you from the wrath of Twitch mods.

S1mple is no stranger to temporary bans from the site, and it seems he added to his tally again on Oct. 30, with his channel being taken offline out of nowhere.

It seems that like in the past, the pro has once again been banned for using a slur while streaming, but this latest episode isn’t quite like the others.

Shortly after news of the ban dropped, s1mple Tweeted that he was banned for using a Russian slur, but he claims he only said it because he was upset with another player for saying it on his stream.

“It’s funny that I get banned for aggression towards a person that says the word “Pidor” and specifically tries to ban me on the platform,” he wrote. “I try to condemn him for this and say the forbidden word because I have a negative attitude towards it (because of rules).”

While s1mple filled fans in on why he was banned, he didn’t mention how long he would be off of the platform for. Looking at his past infractions though, and it’s safe to say he’s probably looking at a 7-day break, at the very least.

The site has been known to ban repeat offenders for longer if they continue to get in hot water for the same thing, but considering how big of a name s1mple is and the circumstances surrounding this particular incident, it’s hard to say.

A good number of his fans noted that Twitch was quick to ban the Na’Vi pro after he slipped up, but still haven’t taken action against any one of the countless channels that rebroadcast s1mple’s streams to try and steal viewers.

Still, the pro doesn’t seem so much bothered by the ban as he does annoyed, which makes sense because he doesn’t really need to stream so to speak, considering all the money he’s made playing CS:GO professionally. That doesn’t really help his fans though, who will have to find someone else to watch while they wait for his return.