CSGO player kills five people with a single once-in-a-lifetime shot

CS:GO AWP ScreenshotValve

A CS:GO player managed to hit an insane once-in-a-lifetime shot with their AWP, eliminating the entire enemy team in a massive 5k collateral.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most iconic tactical shooters available on the market at the moment. Valve was able to strike gold with the format, which rewards good aim with satisfying eliminations and multiple ways to attack or defend a site.

CS:GO also furthers this tactical element by introducing an economy system. This system requires players to save up money to purchase weapons, utility, and body armor throughout the rounds, ensuring they manage their finances and don’t run out in the process. Each weapon and utility in the game has a different price point, with one of the most expensive weapons being the infamous AWP.

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The AWP is a high-risk high-reward weapon that allows for an instant kill on any body shot. However, the AWP requires a player to stand still and aim down the sight for accuracy, making them rather vulnerable whilst they use the sniper rifle. Its ability to one-hit kill has made it an iconic weapon for the franchise, and a fan favorite among players today.

Perfecting their craft, one particular AWP user just managed to hit a once-in-a-lifetime shot whilst wielding the sniper, taking down the entire enemy team with just one bullet.

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Counterstrike player sp1cay was playing CT on Inferno and managed to get into position for a fantastic AWP 5k, all with just one bullet. Sp1cay managed to tuck themselves into the corner and line up the perfect shot, having all the enemies hit in a straight line. The AWP is powerful enough to penetrate through enemies, resulting in an immensely satisfying collateral.

Sp1cay and their team were obviously surprised by the shot, bursting out into screams and disbelief about what they had just witnessed.

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