CSGO November 9 update finally adds PGL Stockholm Major autographs: Full patch notes

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Waiting for your s1mple signature from CS:GO’s PGL Stockholm Major 2021? The game’s latest update on November 9 has finally added the player autograph stickers following the Major, as well as some bug fixes ⁠— here’s the full patch notes.

For anxious players waiting for CS:GO autograph stickers following the PGL Stockholm Major 2021, you’re in luck in the game’s November 9 update ⁠— they’re finally here. Oh, and so is a music kit of Flashbang Dance — The Verkkars and n0thing song performed in the Avicii Arena.

On top of that, bug fixes to smokes and map changes to Insertion II and Extraction are also being shipped.

Here’s what you need to know about CS:GO’s November 9 update, with the full patch notes right here.

What’s coming in CS:GO’s November 9 update?

PGL Stockholm Major 2021 autographs finally launched

The Stockholm Major might be over, with s1mple finally walking away with his long-awaited title, but there’s still one last bit of content: The beloved autographs.

With Valve changing up the sticker system for the Stockholm Major, only the top eight teams will receive individual autographs: Natus Vincere, G2 Esports, Gambit, Heroic, Vitality, FURIA, Virtus.pro, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The other 16 teams who attended already have team stickers in the game, but will not receive individualized autographs. Like all esports stickers in CS:GO, 50% of the purchases will go to the players and their organizations.

s1mple raising his hands and clapping
You can now celebrate s1mple’s Stockholm Major win with his player autograph sticker in CS:GO from the event.

Map fixes to Insertion II, Extraction

CS:GO’s November 9 update also shipped a couple of changes to Insertion II and Extraction. The two hostage maps, added as part of Operation Riptide, have received some general visual and sound upgrades.

Also, a bug with smoke grenades acting abnormally when detonating over burning fire while players are running through has been fixed.

You can find the full CS:GO November 9 patch notes below.

CS:GO November 9 patch notes

Stockholm 2021

  • Stockholm 2021 Autograph Capsules for Champions and Finalists are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the players and organizations.


– A new music kit “Flashbang Dance” by The Verkkars & n0thing is now available for purchase in-game.


– Smoke grenades will ignore players when detonating over burning fires and tracing to ground.
– Stability fixes.


Insertion II

  • Tweaked hostage rescue zone making it smaller around the back side
  • Fixed issue behind pizza where weapons fell through the ground
  • Added one extra cubicle and desk in orange office
  • Fixed so you can fit inside the top of the slide in playground
  • Removed glass from the salad bar prop in Pizza that was unbreakable
  • Various graphical, clipping and collision issues fixed


  • Upgrades to middle, visually and to the gameplay
  • Fixed loud door sound
  • Added a powerful selfboost at the T side of middle
  • Cubby at middle is now deeper
  • Added a new piece of cover in the wine room hallway
  • Windows at middle are now broken into pieces due to a classic smoke grenade issue. Before, players were visible inside the smoke when close to the breakable windows (Thanks Dapplication)
  • Removed raised planters at CT spawn and middle
  • Changed some building architecture
  • More glass is now breakable
  • Removed clipping atop the coushin boxes at T main allowing for a new boost spot (Thanks Quoting)
  • Replaced nodraw on rooftops with roof textures
  • Lowered volume of the helicopter
  • Small tweaks to clipping around the map
  • Updated radar image

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