CSGO players slam Valve’s “stupid” changes to PGL Major Stockholm stickers

Alex Tsiaoussidis

CSGO players and stars alike are up in arms over Valve’s decision to make PGL Major Stockholm signature stickers limited to those who reach the top-eight playoffs, making it harder for pros to be immortalized in the game.

CSGO players and fans around the world have been eagerly waiting for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 signature stickers to release. They finally got their wish in a patch that went live on October 21, and players quickly rushed in to see what goodies were waiting for them in the Major update.

However, it confirmed what some feared — signature stickers are only available to players in teams who make the quarterfinals, semifinals, and grand finals.

The community isn’t impressed with their decision, dubbing it “stupid.” They claimed it doesn’t account for the player’s best interests, considering how hard they work and how much they look forward to being immortalized with these stickers.

“So sad for the 60 players who won’t all get their signature stickers in the game for the first time,“ wrote one fan. Another wrote, “Pretty f**ked up. These players work hard and look forward to these stickers.”

The consensus is it’s “not the move” and seems “harsh” for players who will miss out considering only eight teams can make it far enough to receive stickers.

It’s not only fans who have been voicing their opinions, either. Professional players are doing it, too. FaZe Clan’s Russel ‘Twistzz’ van Dulken was one of the first to speak out against it, and he didn’t hold back.

“Have to say that I disagree with the changes that happened for this major,” he said. “It’s been two years since the last one, and everyone was looking forward to the normal things a major brings, stickers for all qualified players and souvenir signature drops.”

“I would be more okay with this if they made this change after the 2020 RMR stickers, so players understood before qualifying. Obviously, for the many new players in the major, it’s disappointing to know that they haven’t secured in-game player signatures yet.”

Other players, including Alistair ‘aliStair’ Johnston, Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif, and Joshua ‘INS’ Potter, felt the same way about it, although they expressed themselves in different ways.

Alistair was the first to speak up, stating, “Just got to make top 8 then I guess.”

Magisk meanwhile hypothesized that Valve had simply “forgotten” PGL Major Stockholm was starting soon, and so had rushed to release some news before the event began.

“Honestly feels a little like they forgot the Major was starting this soon,” he said. “Doesn’t make sense to make it playoffs stickers at this Major, so many people have looked forward to their sticker and simply not get any now.

“I could understand it, if this was communicated way before.”

INS was a little succinct in his response, simply sharing an age-old meme of a person absolutely furious under a smiling cartoon face.

Twistzz believes others will be disappointed, too. He added, “Feeling bad for the players that wake up and read the update.”

Backlash over the decision is building by the minute. Valve hasn’t commented on it yet; we’ll update this article with more information if they do.