CSGO exploit reportedly leaks players’ IP addresses

Carver Fisher

It’s been reported that a CSGO exploit is plaguing competitive matches, one that allows opposing players to steal their enemies’ IP addresses.

CSGO has truly stood the test of time. It’s been on the top of the competitive gaming world for over a decade, with the game gaining more and more traction as the years have gone on rather than losing players.

However, the game is built on an old framework that needs updating. Enter Counter-Strike 2, Valve’s effort to port the gameplay people know and love from CSGO over to a shiny new engine they can continue to build upon.

Though its gameplay has held up, CSGO has started showing its age in some other ways. Though it’s this far into its life cycle, players have reported that an exploit’s been discovered that allows people’s IP addresses to be stolen via competitive matches.

CSGO flaw reportedly leaves players’ IP addresses at risk

The fight to keep online multiplayer games secure is an everlasting one, with hackers and cheaters always hanging around to try and find ways to overcome the barriers devs put in place on purpose.

However, these security risks often come in the form of players hacking to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents, thus the infamous VAC ban.

But a greater risk has been uncovered in CSGO, according to reports. There seems to be an exploit that allows players to steal IP addresses from their opponents, leaving players’ security at risk if true.

According to Aquarius, a known Counter-Strike data miner, there’s an exploit specifically plaguing comp games that allows opposing players to gain access to your IP address.

Though anything outside of the competitive mode seems to be safe, the amount of CS players who almost exclusively play competitive matches leaves a massive playerbase at potential risk if Aquarius’ claims are true.

Additionally, Aquarius claims to have gotten in contact with the dev team behind Counter Strike and posted a screenshot of a DM saying that the team is looking into it.

It isn’t yet clear what this exploit is or how it works, but until it’s investigated further, staying out of competitive matches may be in your best interest.

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