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CSGO Cache update significantly improves FPS, fixes bomb stuck errors

Published: 11/Oct/2019 22:46 Updated: 11/Oct/2019 23:17

by Scott Robertson


A day after the Cache map returned to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the Steam Workshop, FMPONE and Volcano released an October 11th patch with a huge list of fixed bugs and spots.

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Following the October 10 re-release of Cache, the community has been hard at work play-testing the updated map to help the map creators isolate and fix every bug and glitch that they can find. 

Just over 24 hours after the map officially returned to CS:GO on the Workshop, the map creators already released an update with a plethora of fixes and improvements.

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Improved FPS

FPS and FPS go hand-in-hand. By that I mean, first person shooters and frames per second go hand in hand. With that, the frames per second performance for the CT, Tree room, Z Connector, and A site have all been improved.


Less frame rate drops mean less excuses if you don’t clutch the round, so you better hit your headshots now.

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Multiple bug fixes

It wouldn’t be a CS:GO map without bugs, and there were a plenty when Cache first hit the Workshop servers. This is in no way an indictment or criticism of FMPONE or Volcano, bugs are part of any aspect of game development and are to be expected on day one.

The creators fixed several spots where players were getting stuck, including the doorways by Vent and B main, and the walls in the corner of A main and by Mid sandbags. Guns were also getting stuck in several spots like Mid sandbags and Sunroom, and there were numerous spots where the bomb was getting stuck as well.


Valve / FMPONE & VolcanoMid on new Cache, with those pesky sandbags in the lower corner
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In addition to all of that, the creators fixed some spots where wallbanging was occurring where it shouldn’t have, as well as a handful of clipping and pixelwalking issues.

This is not the end

So is Cache 100% fixed now? Of course not, that’s not how this process work. Even now the Global Offensive subreddit and the discussions section of the Steam Workshop are still being populated with more bugs and issues being spotted by players.

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It’s important to remember that the initial wave of feedback and testing only came from pros, so in a way, these first couple of weeks or so is acting as a public beta for all fans to be a part of. Like we’ve seen with maps in battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, subtle and serious map changes continue long after its initial release, and that results in a better playing experience for us players.


Valve / FMPONE & VolcanoThe tree room on new Cache with the mural that was first teased

The full patch notes

-Improved FPS at CT, Treeroom, Z Connector, and A Site.

Various Bug Fixes:

-Fixed Wingman game-mode clip brushes.

-Improved hitbox collisions on doorways at Squeaky. 

-Fixed some bomb-stuck spots.

-Fixed players not being able to break B glass from B main. 

-Fixed getting stuck under tarp on crate in B. 

-Fixed glass showing players through smokes. 

-Fixed angled/inconsistent grenade clip on wall inside B by Checkers. 

-Fixed cloth on Shroud bouncing grenades at a non-flat angle. 

-Fixed a pixel-walk at Highway. 

-Fixed target at Headshot B not being wallbangable. 

-Fixed target at Headshot B not showing bullet holes. 

-Fixed the ceiling A Main stairs not having collisions. 


-Fixed a broken DM spawn outside of B Heaven. 

-Fixed being able to see under the oil tub in A site. 

-Fixed an issue with black walls by T boost and B ramp. 

-Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a doorway by Vent. 

-Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a doorway by B Main. 

-Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a wall in the corner of A Main. 

-Fixed wallbanging from B site into B main and vice versa. 

-Fixed wallbanging from mid into Checkers. 

-Fixed clipping on Mid sandbags. 

-Fixed getting stuck on wall by Mid sandbags. 


-Fixed guns getting stuck in wall by Mid sandbags. 

-Fixed guns getting eaten in wall by Sunroom. 

-Fixed gap in boxes at Shroud looking to Quad. 

-Fixed box under Vent eating guns. 

-Fixed weird collisions at edge of B site. 

-Fixed a one-way smoke at Mid. 

-Fixed pixel jump on shelves in CT Spawn. 

-Fixed unsmooth clipping at sandbags in Treeroom. 

-Fixed grenade clipping on beams inside Checkers.