Cloud9 give rare insight into their in-game CSGO communication

Kamil Malinowski
Cloud9 reveal CSGO in-game communication

Cloud9 have given Counter-Strike fans a special treat by releasing a video including rarely heard voice comms. 

CS:GO is a shooter where tactics are key at the highest level. As such, many professional teams tend to keep their in-game communications hidden – not allowing other teams to learn the details behind their strategies.

However, Cloud9 have released a short highlight of their run in the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice qualifier and included their team’s voice communication.

ATK roster joins Cloud9
Cloud9 signed ATK’s roster at the start of 2020.

The video, originally posted on January 14 to the Cloud9 YouTube channel, gives viewers insight into just how things look on the professional level – something that fans rarely get to hear.

Cloud9’s players show just how important communication is, with key calls coming in at perfect times to set up kills and plays. Not only that, but it also gives fans a way to get to know the players more and learn about the dynamic of the team.

Normally, fans would only hear a player talk on a stream or during an interview at an event, which may not necessarily be their most comfortable setting. But thanks to this video it’s easy to learn a bit about their personalities and Ian ‘motm’ Hardy has already become a favorite after hilariously demanding more enthusiasm from his team.

Not much was revealed about the team’s tactics, but it was easy to see that they’re loving the game and always try to stay positive, as well as celebrate just about every good play with a loud cheer.

Fans absolutely loved the video with comments like “I just love listening to team comms, great video” and “I love this team even more because of the enthusiastic shouting” filling a Reddit thread.

No doubt many interested in CSGO would love to see more of these kinds of videos as they give a unique view into the inner workings of a team. Hopefully, we will see more from Cloud9, as well as other teams.

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