Bizarre bomb glitch causes CSGO team to lose series

Andrew Amos

An unfortunate glitch has cost a Counter-Strike team a place at a live tournament after the bomb fell through the map, making it unreachable.

CS:GO as a game revolves around the fabled bomb. Terrorists must plant the bomb if they want to win the round, while Counter-Terrorists have to try and weasel their way in and defuse it once it’s down.

However, what happens when the bomb just falls out of the map? One Australian team found out over the weekend, and it cost them the entire series.

ValveThe bomb is the entire principle of CS:GO.

In the qualifiers for eXTREMESLAND 2019, an Asian LAN tournament, Oceanic heavyweights Avant Gaming were up against Ground Zero Gaming. With the series tied at one-a-piece, and the match heading to a close on Nuke, Ground Zero needed to claw back a three-round deficit to get overtime.

They mounted a push outside on Nuke to try and shuffle down to B, but were picked apart by Avant AWPer Euan ‘Sterling’ Moore. Down to a 1v4, Callum ‘BURNRUOk’ Henderson looked to rotate and get the bomb – but it was stuck under the map.

When Ground Zero had thrown the bomb down as they set up for a play, the bomb had unfortunately bounced underneath the garage door near the main entry.

The casters couldn’t believe it either, as they were left stunned at Ground Zero’s misfortune. 

“The bomb’s under the map, what the f***,” said Dion ‘Komodo’ Pirotta. “Are you shitting me?”

With the objective unretrievable, BURNRUOk had to find four frags to stay in the game, and he fell short. Ground Zero lost the map 16-12 off the back of that round, and the series, costing them a spot at LAN.

While it’s unlikely that BURNRUOk could have won in the clutch situation, stranger things have happened in professional Counter-Strike. However, he was never given a chance to try and keep his team in the game.

Twitch: KomodoAUBURNRUOk had no chance of retrieving the bomb on Nuke, costing Ground Zero the match.

Be careful of tossing the bomb down too hard on Nuke, as you might be finding yourself fruitlessly scrounging to collect it when you need it.

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