Bizarre CSGO glitch prevents players from picking up guns on Nuke

Published: 1/Jun/2020 23:07

by Alan Bernal


A glitched spot on Nuke can prevent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players from recovering dropped weapons on the map which can cause valuable items to go unclaimed.

The classic multi-level arena from CS has seen many iterations in the history of the franchise. Though Nuke has been a favorite for a lot of the community, the map can sometimes make it hard for players to play on it.

One instance of that was captured by redditor ‘jonnis_’ that showed them starting up a round of Wingman on Nuke when their teammate had a bit of fun that turned out to leave them worse for wear.

Near T side spawn at the base of Secret, there are three canisters in Tunnels that sit atop of an elevated base off the ground. The round started, with the teammate named ‘Kunga’ dropping an AK-47 for the other half of the duo.

A bit of trolling early in the round quickly turned into instant regret as the two realized that the “wall stole [jonnis’] gun,” as they noted.

jonnis_ via Reddit
The canisters on Nuke have a guard rail that doesn’t really guard against things from getting in.

The teammate shot a few rounds to slightly skew the gun further from jonnis, but it doesn’t seem like any of them expected for it to bug into the yellow platform.

Further into the clip, you can actually see the bit of space in between the floor and elevated platform. While it would make sense for weapons to slide through that opening, it was baffling to see the other side swallow the rifle.

“The AK was banished to the shadow realm,” user ‘neonz09’ quipped. Players have reportedly come across this type of glitch on Nuke for at least a year.

Wall stole my gun, can’t have sh* in detroit from GlobalOffensive

The tight corridors of the B site tunnels can get some of the shockwaves from the bomb if it were to go off. While jonnis’ clip shows a teammate causing the glitch, it remains to be seen if the bomb’s explosion can lead to a strange situation where a recoverable weapon gets swept under the platform by the blast.

This obviously isn’t an intended interaction in CSGO, and it could be something that Valve addressed if they’re made aware of the problem.


How to view your CSGO stats in-game with new tracking feature

Published: 4/Dec/2020 6:47

by Andrew Amos


The Operation Broken Fang update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has introduced a new way for players to track their stats in-game. Here’s how you can use it to improve your play.

Trying to find your in-game stats for CS:GO has been difficult in the past, to say the least. Players have had to rely on third-party sites, which can be either unsecure or inaccurate, or both at the same time.

However, Valve has finally listened to the community’s pleas. They have shipped a new, in-game stat tracking feature, that players can start using from Day 1 of the new Operation Broken Fang update.

While it doesn’t retroactively track players’ stats, it’s a new starting point for CS:GO.

What stats does the CS:GO in-game tracker follow?

The new CS:GO in-game stat tracker will track almost everything a player could want. It’ll count your matches played, your ADR, KD ratios, and more. Not only that, but it’ll break it down by map and gun too.

That’s not the only thing the in-game stat tracker can do. It also has a heat map for where you commonly find kills, deaths, and where you hold angles. It also breaks down where you hit players, so you can figure out what you need to do to fix your aim.

It is the one stop shop for all you need to know about your CS:GO game, and where you need to improve. Getting picked off at one position all the time? You can see it on the heatmap and change things up. Not sure if you’re better with the P2000 or the USP? You can find that out.

CSGO in-game stat tracker
The CS:GO in-game stat tracker is a handy new tool.

How to view your CS:GO stats in-game

It’s super easy to check your CS:GO stats in-game. You can basically do it from the main menu. Here’s where you can find it.

  1. Open up CS:GO and go to your dashboard (main menu).
  2. Click on Operation Stats near the bottom of the dashboard.
  3. Select the parameters you want to track.
    1. All 5v5, All Wingman, etc.
    2. Past 14 days, Past 30 days, Past 90 days, All time
  4. Analyze your stats.

The stats are currently limited to Operation Broken Fang, but it’s likely the feature will stick around after the event wraps up.

It’s a huge upgrade for CS:GO players who are looking to improve their game. Now, you can definitively know if your teammates are holding you back or not.