Aussie CS:GO team embarrassed by 1v3 ninja defuse because teammate was drinking a Red Bull

. 4 years ago

Australian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Avant Gaming were stunned when an enemy player managed to ninja defuse a bomb because one of their teammates was drinking a Red Bull instead of watching the site.

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The team were up against Grayhound Gaming in the group stages of the ESL AUGNZ Championship Season 2 Finals, facing off against their opponents in a best of one series on Dust II.

Avant found themselves 8-4 down, but it seemed like they hard Round 13 wrapped up, with three players remaining versus Chris ‘dexter’ Nong, who was the last player standing for his team.

The hilarious incident took place at the ESL AUGNZ Championship Season 2 Finals.
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With the bomb planted at the A site, the round seemed all but over, as dexter slowly pushed around the catwalk, hoping to make a miracle play to win his team the round.

Elsewhere, Avant’s Tyson “pan1K” Missak was waiting in pit with an AWP to protect the bomb when he decided to take a sip of his Red Bull, giving dexter just enough time to sneak onto the site and start to defuse.

Pan1k continued to drink, unaware that the round was slipping through his fingers, as the casters watched on in disbelief as dexter got the defuse and secured the round victory.

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“Oh my God,” screamed caster Tim ‘brainstorm’ Dunne, as pan1k looked at his teammates with a puzzled expression. “Put that Red Bull down mate! What have you done!”

Unfortunately for pan1k, his Avant Gaming squad were eliminated after losing the map 16-6, with his team winning just two rounds after his unfortunate, but hilarious, mistake.

The ESL AUGNZ Championship Season 2 Finals heads into the playoff stages on Saturday, November 10, as the four remaining teams from the group stages battle it out for a share of the $30,000 AUD ($21,000 USD) prize pool.

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