Astralis CS:GO player Xyp9x embarrasses North with a 1v5 ninja defuse at IEM Chicago - Dexerto

Astralis CS:GO player Xyp9x embarrasses North with a 1v5 ninja defuse at IEM Chicago

Published: 7/Nov/2018 12:59

by Joe O'Brien


Astralis player Andreas ‘Xyp9x’ Højsleth pulled off an epic 1v5 clutch to close out a match against North at IEM Chicago.

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At 15-4, Astralis were just a round away from closing out a game on Nuke when Xyp9x found himself the last alive against all five North players.

To make the situation even more difficult, North on the T side had already planted the bomb in the lower site, while Xyp9x was stuck in the upper area having already given away his position.

As the time ticked down, however, Xyp9x spotted an opening. Sprinting through to the vents, he managed to make his way down to the bomb site that North had now evacuated, catching the defuse just in time and clutching a 1v5 for the game without even firing a shot.


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The clutch made for an emphatic end to a dominant win for Astralis, winning the map 16-4 and taking the series 2-0 over North, with the first map having been an equally crushing 16-5 on Inferno. It also came after Xyp9x had secured the previous round with a 1v1 win to reach match point in the first place.

Despite being known as arguably the best clutch player in CS:GO, this was also a first for Xyp9x, who according to HLTV has never won a 1v5 in an official game before.

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The win locked in Astralis’ 22nd consecutive offline win on Nuke, extending what is already one of the longest streaks on a single map for any team in the history of CS:GO.


Fortunately for North, their tournament run won’t end on that note. The double-elimination groups mean they will have another opportunity to progress, taking on LDLC next in the lower bracket. Astralis, meanwhile, advance to face FaZe Clan for the chance to go straight to the semi-finals.