Dr Disrespect reveals his first verdict on Counter-Strike 2 and he’s impressed

dr disrespect counter strike 2Dr Disrespect / Valve

Dr Disrespect revealed his first thoughts on Counter-Strike 2 during a stream where he was showing off his own game, DEADROP, and it’s fair to say he is impressed.

Just like many others interested in Counter-Strike, Dr Disrespect was watching a selection of explainer videos and promotional material for the CS sequel on March 22.

Fans now know the first Counter-Strke 2 limited test will include both deathmatch and unranked competitive matchmaking on Dust2. Other modes are expected to roll out in the future, including maps, other modes, and additional features.

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So, what does Doc make of everything released so far?

Dr Disrespect reveals early verdict on Counter-Strike 2

During a live stream on March 22, Doc decided to take a break from DEADROP for a moment to check out the latest industry news.

Valve dropped more information about Counter-Strike 2, with the limited-beta test starting up that same day. In a blog post, they announced changes to combat with a “game-changing” responsive smoke coming in the sequel, on top of other differences.

Watching along with members of the Champions Club, Doc said: “The game looks really good, it’s so clean looking, y’know.”

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He later started spitballing about ideas for upcoming events, saying he would love to see a Grand Final in Brazil someday, as part of the live audience.

Dr Disrespect added: “I wouldn’t mind going to a Counter-Strike competition… Who would be a grand final right now? Is Astralis still at the top?

“I’d like to go like a Grand Final in Brazil, Astralis versus the top Brazilian team for the Grand Final championship, yknow. Just to be in the crowd, in Brazil, at some massive stadium… If I was Counter-Strike right now, I’d be planning that. I’d try to get that lined up.”

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Whether or not Dr Disrespect will end up playing Counter-Strike 2 on stream regularly remains to be seen.

Those looking to get hands-on with the game early can check out more details here, to get involved with the limited beta test. It has no official end date just yet – and kicked off on March 22.

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