Counter-Strike cheaters are already taking over CS2’s leaderboards in Premier mode

Counter-Strike 2 CheaterCounter-Strike 2 / ThourCS

Counter-Strike 2’s newly released competitive Premier mode is already being hit by cheaters, despite it only being out for a few days.

Counter-Strike has overhauled its competitive ranked mode for CS2, as Valve has rebranded it with the title ‘Premier’.

Premier has brought along all new features for CS2, including a new rating system, decreasing match length played to 12-round halves (MR12), and a worldwide leaderboard.

After an update came to the beta on September 1, it is now accessible to the wider CS fanbase. However, in doing so this has meant a surge of cheaters have gained access, already wreaking havoc in matchmaking.

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Cheaters storm to top of CS2 Premier leaderboards

CS creator ThourCS highlighted nefarious players dominating the top of the Premier leaderboards by using cheats.

The clip claims to show that not only are players using hacks themselves, but also illegitimately gaining high ranks, achieving an astounding 100% win rate, by teaming with cheaters.

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The suspected cheater appears to use a type of Wallhack, allowing them to see enemies and their movements through walls and objects typically via an outline.

Anti-cheat has continued to develop over time as hackers continue to be a problem in online games.

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Although, being able to detect and prove players are purposely joining cheaters to boost them up the leaderboard to the highest ranks presents a whole new issue.

Overwatch developers Blizzard announced in September that they banned over 250,000 cheaters, a huge breakthrough in creating a proven system to identify those players who are joining groups to be boosted.

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